Monday, May 7, 2012

Something to think about as we honour Mothers

No Mothers Day

 I first heard about the organization, "Every Woman Counts" and the woman who founded it, Christy Turlington Burns  in an  interview, on CBC radio, this past week. This organization promotes a campaign called "No Mothers Day" meant to make us aware of the devastating  lack of proper health care for woman giving birth, in many countries throughout the world.

While, I'm not sure I would want to do away with celebrating Mother's Day, the group has a very worthwhile message.

As we will be honouring mothers, this coming Sunday, let's also give thought to women who don't have access to proper health care in our world.

To read more, and view a short video, click on the link above, "No Mothers Day".

Later this week I will be posting about a very inspiring group of change makers in our world who work towards peace, diplomacy, and womans' health.


The Boston Lady said...

It is a very worthwhile cause, Brenda. I'm in agreement with them wanting to raise awareness, but think they will have trouble getting people to sign on for this. I wish they had thought of a different way to bring about awareness because it seems the only ones who will be made aware are their children instead of the people who are responsible for lack of prenatal education, birthing conditions and overall medical attention to expectant mothers in at risk areas. A very good cause nonetheless. Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks Ann, for reading here.
Yes, I do agree with your point.
I believe that the "No Mothers Day" campaign is just one part of their work, and that they are also involved in fundraising, and other forms of advocacy to promote womens health in the at risk nations and areas of the world.

I also understand that the campaign isn't meant to begrudge mothers on Mothers Day, maybe just to think of making small handmade gifts, cards, or gifts of time instead of spending too much in gifts, etc.

Anyways, just a little food for thought. :)
Wishing you a good week, and a Happy Mothers Day coming up.

The Boston Lady said...

I have a better idea of it now, I think, Brenda. I never understood all the jewelry ads for Mother's Day as the kids cannot afford those type of things. I like the idea of encouraging the day to more of a simple expression of gratitude to mom's and recognition of and to mom's everywhere who may not have things quite as easy as we do.

And, I always enjoy your food for thought! Hope your week is wonderful as well and that you will be spending Mother's Day with your son. Ann

sandy said...

You write about such thoughtful things, Brenda. I think a handmade gift is always better, and you know they are the ones we remember.

Hey, I have been reading stories from all over that the Red Admiral population is really up this years. Isn't the strange that it is just one kind of butterfly?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I thoroughly agree with you.
Encouraging families to spend time together, and simple gifts from the heart, are so much better, when it comes to celebrating Mothers Day.
I remember clearly some of the handmade gifts, or gifts purchased at the nickel and dime store, we gave our mom, and how graciously, and enthusiastically she always received them.

I have been thinking of the idea behind "No Mothers Day", as well this afternoon, while out walking, and wondering if asking children and families to think about mothers in other countries who experience terrible conditions, and as well die in childbirth, is abit overwhelming, on Mothers Day.
What about a separate day to think about this important cause, and allow Mothers Day to focus on happy thoughts?

Sometimes it seems that we may be overstressing children by constantly barraging them with negative information, and there is plenty of negative out there.

Perhaps the cause of womens' health and the lack of proper health care for women giving birth and many areas of the world, is a cause best dealt with by adults.
Thanks for giving me thoughts to chew on.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

It's nice to hear from you!
I have just noticed that you have a new post at Four Winds Haiga, so I'll have to check it out.

So interesting about the Red Admirals, I've been wondering if they survived the cold weather and snow storms, in Ontario, after first arriving in such large numbers back in April.

Makes a person wonder what it is that has caused such an influx of Red Admirals.