Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Bit of Follow Up to May 15th

I spent yesterday taking photos of things which appealed to me, to share with the project, Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow.
Some photos were very personal - the apartment where I live and the cats; some were of the neighbourhood, and nearby park where I live; and some were of buildings downtown.

 In the evening I went down to the waters edge of our small man-made lake (within a block's distance from my home), to take photos of the sunset, and discovered that if I walked further than I had in the past, that it is night home to birds - there were robins in groups, singing in several trees, and blackbirds sitting on reeds. And of course ducks and geese were swimming, and flying in pairs overhead.

It was so calming to me, to hear the sounds of the birds settling in and I will be sure to make this a part of my evening walks from now on. We are fortunate in this city to have a large area given over to natural marsh for birds.

Today,, posted some very interesting, touching photos that have started being uploaded. The response has been so overwhelming from all over the world, that they are requesting we delay uploading for a few days. (We have until May 22).

If you click on the link below, you will be able to view the first photos.
They are amazing!

Tomorrow I'll share here, a few of the photos I took, and plan to upload as part of the project. – Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow


Geraldine said...

I like that description of your time by the water, the quiet...the birds...made me feel peaceful. sounds like you had a good day and got some good photos.

Happy Wednesday, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Ger,
I did have a really nice day, and plan to walk over near the waters edge evenings. I've always enjoyed the sounds of the birds settling in for night - it's a homey, comforting sound, I think.
Thanks for reading here.
You have a good day too! :)

sandy said...

Wow, I liked that site. And, like Geraldine, loved the description of your walk. Have you taken writing classes? You are very good at it.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandy,
I'm glad you enjoyed the site, I may be able to share more, as they are posted at
I believe that this is an annual event - is this something you might like to participate in next year?

Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it - I just read alot, and seem to have alot to say - so writing seems to come by me naturally. :)
Wishing you a nice evening,