Thursday, January 1, 2015

Remembering Mom

Holidays seem a good time for memories. This photo is special to me. Taken by our mom, Evelyn, on the concrete step of our home at 421 Mullin Avenue. We were happy kids, and close for the most part.
This is good to remember. It is coming up to the 10 year anniversary of our mom, Evelyn's death. As it draws close - February 27, 2005, I want to do more to remember her with love and gratefulness.
We were blessed with her ability to create a comfortable, clean home with the good smells of her excellent cooking. She was an amazing seamstress, and knitter, and made most of her own lovely, stylish clothing, and knitted us the most wonderful sweaters, mitts and toques and hats.
She was beautiful on both the inside and outside.

I would not be who I am without having had her in my life. She worked hard, she believed in truth, and being real.

She deeply valued family and children. 

She was funny and fun. She was extremely skilled with a hammer and nails. I took this picture of a fence she built at Mullin Avenue, which was still standing in 2012 in the back lane. It's now removed, so I'm kind of happy I got this picture.

Many years later she built a whole bedroom in the basement of another house, by referring to a how to book.

She was always reading. When we were kids, if we had a question she guided us to the  encyclopedia, and was as curious as us to find the answer.

Because of her I read relentlessly, and believe in being a life long learner.

This song from Youtube by Elton John was the song that came to mind for me when I was a young woman and thinking about Mom, and it still says how I feel about her and my brothers, yes and my sweet son Paul. Mom would be over the top thrilled with his fiancee Bela.


Thank you Mom, 
With love