Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some photos of small, everyday things

I spent yesterday with my camera - and took pictures in my home, neighbourhood, downtown area, and park, with the intention to submit a few to the project - Picture Today, Inspire Tomorrow. I want to sort through these and choose at most three photos.

I thought I might post some of them here, and ask the opinion of those who might read here, as to which ones may be good  to submit. The project is interested in the simple, everyday, small things - and is seeking photos from individuals of all levels of ability. I am definitely a beginner photographer, but felt intrigued to participate and contribute to a picture of one day - May 15, 2012.

First Category - Home

I had a porridge of quinoa, cinnamon and apple, and noticed that the peel was in abit of a starburst, so took this picture, after breakfast.

Under the category Home, and something I treasure - reading, specifically these books, the collection of novels by Charles Dickens. I read him when my son was a toddler, and I had lots of time at night after Paul went to bed, to read. (It is the 200th anniversary of Dicken's birth, I believe, this year)

I have placed several keepsakes, and treasures on this small knick knack shelf in my kitchen.

My kitchen at the end of the day, after preparing our meals.

A favourite napping spot for the cats, and Herbert who is also a treasure. :)

Arthur enjoying a snooze in the morning, after making sure I was up for the day. :) He is a treasure too.

Second Category - Community

Street view of Mullin Avenue, the street my parents raised their family. I walk here often, as I live just blocks away. 
I think this is a crows nest - it is quite large, and seems to be made with large sticks.

There were several crows talking loudly, as I walked down the street.  

The back lane just behind our old yard on Mullin Avenue. If my memory is correct, my Mom built this fence. These fences were very easy for climbing.              .       

This tree is so beautiful - I think it's an apple tree.

These pictures  were taken in the back lane, one of my special places when a child. We built snow forts, and grass forts, and had neighbourhood races here. It is an old fashioned gravel lane, and was replenished with new gravel every year, and graded.We also dug for clay in this lane, as well as buried treasure. :)

An interesting looking, ancient car, needing a facelift.

Our Downtown

The older building, featuring the clock, is now known as The Old City Hall . It is now a popular mall with a local theater, The Globe Theater, and several samll shops and restaurants.

It was originally our Post Office, and when our first City Hall was demolished, this building was used as the city's City Hall for many years. A new post office was constructed in the 60's at the time this change too place.

Some lovely heritage buildings which have been preserved and restored. The Northern Bank has an intriguing bit of art work above it's door, showing a "farmer", meeting a First Nations person. There are tipis to the right of the First Nations person.

These buildings were certainly built with a great deal of skill and care as to details.
I wondered how someone managed to paint the graffiti on the very top front of this old heritage building.
My son and I enjoyed the wonderful fragrance of this tree, which he had parked his car under. I think it may be a pin cherry, but am not sure.            


This  Cenotaph is at the center of Victoria Park in the city center. 


I walked down to the waters edge of our small man made lake. The lake is fed by the Wascana Creek, part of a marshland, home to our Canada Geese, and various water fowl, and other birds.

It effectively acts as a natural bird sanctuary, and our city has reserved large areas left in it's natural state.

Robins gather in the trees at the waters edge, and  as they settle for night, their song  is beautiful .


View of the Legislative building across Wascana Lake. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan.
    Thanks for viewing these, and if you would like to offer suggestions on which pictures might be good ones for submitting to the project, your input would be welcome!!!

Here in Canada we are preparing for a long weekend - Monday is Victoria Day. Summer seems to start for us often at this time, and many people plant gardens and flower beds. The weather is cooperative this year, with temperatures between 25 and 29 Celsius. Wishing you a Happy Weekend!                                                                                 


Mr. Cheddar said...

Dear Ms. B, You certainly took a lot of pics! Meowmie and I are well and truly impressed. Meowmie says she likes the one with the bird at the top of the tree (I'd like it if the bird was MUCH lower, snort...) and the cat pics, natch and also the ones of the ancient cars. Ancient, wonder why she likes those? Maybe she had a beau or two with this vintage of wheels Snort...just joshin' Meowmie.

Very good Ms. B.

I have responded to Herbert's sage advice over at my Meowmie's blog. Thank you Herbert for the excellent advice!

laters, The Cheddar, still handsome and wise as ever!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Mr. Ched, you sweet cat, how nice of you to drop by!!!!
Thanks for the feedback, those are pretty well my favourite shots as well.

You do like to give your Meowmie a hard time, I know, but definitely the car in these pictures is NOT from her times...but I wonder if someone is thinking of refurbishing this car, and turning it into a snazzy vintage vehicle...or maybe it really is past all help? :)
Herb says, "You are very welcome, any time...felines need to stay together...high 4's, and all that jazz!!!"
Arthur asks us to send you great big Headbonks, as well!!!
Thank you, dear Celebrity Blogger,
Give your Meowmie a big hug from all of us,

sandy said...

Brenda, you took a lot of nice photos. I enjoyed seeing bits of your town, and your nice apartment.

How many photos can you submit for each category?

What a big window you have in your kitchen! Do you have a good view?

Hey, you are more than a beginner photographer. Your photos are fine!

Have fun choosing, I like them all.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandy,
Actually I think I can submit 3 or 4 photos per category...maybe I will, just to let them have more to choose from. They say it is important to supply details and story for each picture, so in the next couple of days I'll work on uploading some.

My understanding is that many will be used for a digital display, and then 100 for a book. My interest was to be a part of the digital display.

My kitchen window looks over a backlane, with some lovely trees, which are flowering right now. There is also a power line and the many birds are often perched there, along with squirrels. I enjoy it as do my two cats.

The largish kitchen and window, was part of the reason I choose to buy this apartment. It felt right to me, and the era of the building is late 1950's when I think apartments tended to be roomy.

Thanks for your comments, which are always welcome!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Oops! I just wanted to correct, what I wrote above. The book the project is making, "Picture Today, Inspire Tomorrow" will have 1000 photos, not 100.
B :)

The Boston Lady said...

Happy Victoria Day (tomorrow) Brenda! I of course have an opinion :-) about your lovely pictures. For the first category my two favorites are the picture with the books and the first picture of Mr. Herbert.

Second category is much harder to choose, but I like several including the picture of Mullin Ave., the fence, the first old car picture, the crow at the top of the tree and the picture of the tree that is so fragrant.

I look forward to hearing which ones YOU think are the ones to submit - great job and interesting project.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Ann,
Thanks for dropping in!
I hope to upload my pictures this evening.
Thanks for your kind comment, and opinions - much appreciated!

Teri Casper said...

I love all these photos of your 'life'. Difficult to pick a favorite but I love the one of Herbert in the closet with the towels. All of the ones with animals are so interesting and fun.
You did a great job on all of these. Good luck on the contest.
I am at McDonalds with wifi.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

How great to see you've had a chance to use wifi!!
It's always a pleasure to see you've dropped in and left a friendly comment!
Thanks, I have now uploaded the photos, and it was quite easy to do.

Cathy said...

I love the photos Brenda. I always like seeing other peoples towns through their eyes. You got some wonderful shots. I love your cats names too lol

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thank you Cathy!
I named the boys with some care, to how I felt their personalites were showing themselves to me. Herbert seemed dignified to me and old fashioned. Arthur came to me as a small stray, and I thought he would grow up into something special, maybe like King Arthur? :)

Later I realized I'd used the names of two of my mother's uncles, and she would have loved that!
Have a good weekend!