Sunday, August 25, 2013

There was a bit of magic in the air...The Out There concert

The experience of going to the Paul McCartney concert,  Out There, was everything I'd hoped for - lovely weather with a still autumnal feeling in the air; friendly crowds; fun with my son, and niece; and a wonderful musical experience.

Part of the fun, was finding a parking spot, and then walking some distance to the stadium, with other happy concert goers. It became evident that there was going to be a very large crowd at Mosaic stadium. We learned later that the crowd for the concert was over 44, 0000, which is good for a city of our size - 250,000.

Our seats were way up, above the crowds, and we loved this vantage point. As well we were in the very center front seats, with no one in front of us.

  Yes, we were quite far from the stage, but our viewpoint allowed us to get a grand picture of the event, including this beautiful sunset.

We waited a long time for the concert to start - 45 minutes. Later we heard that the concert was held up to wait for concert goers who streamed in steadily . My brother-in-law later  told us that the band had been stuck in traffic, and so called our local popular music radio station, CJME, and said "We're stuck in traffic, does anyone want to talk with Paul". So, the amazed radio announcer had an impromptu, interview with Paul for about 20 minutes.

At the time we were not sure why the concert was so late. We were kept entertained with a light screen collage of the Beatles, and music.

Paul, my son, and I thought maybe they were waiting for the sun to set.

After this beautiful sunset, we still waited for sometime, when suddenly, with no fanfare, the band appeared and started playing "Eight Days a Week".

The music continued nonstop for 3 hours. It seemed to me that the people in the audience were just genuinely happy, and thrilled to have Paul entertain with his lovely songs, and friendly manner. There is nothing off putting, or snobbish in this famous star's engagement with the crowd.

Paul changed guitars frequently through the evening, and of course played the piano. Here he is playing the music for Hey Jude. And yes, the night was lit up with small lights as people shone their phones.

He and his band sang 33 songs this night, and I was surprised when my son, Paul seemed to know so many of them. My beautiful niece Summer, also seemed to be familiar with most of the songs.

One of my favourite songs in the concert was Blackbird. This was performed by Paul alone on stage.
 I know it is hard to see him but isn't that a lovely background for the song.

There were fireworks midway through the evening, here following the Wings tune, Live and Let Die, the theme song for the 1973 James Bond movie of the same name.

After two encores, the concert ended with Golden Slumbers, and The End - and more fireworks to close the night.

The crowd dispersed happily and peacefully. For many, I think a once in a life time opportunity to see a favourite star, perform live. In my books, he lived up to his reputation as a performer, and true star.

I am so happy I had a chance to see this, and must thank my son Paul for taking me to this event.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Autumn leaves, clouds, a new favourite author, and ....a really very famous star coming for a concert...AND I am going!

Just last week, the first brightly coloured autumn leaves began to appear, and drift down to earth.
I love them, but it does seem a little early. However, possibly this is always my reaction to seeing this change in season. Here in my city, we say, as soon as the exhibition comes to town, that it is the start of fall - cooler temperatures, shorter days, and with that must come the fall colours. Every year we then tend to comment on this, isn't it early for the trees to be changing colour?
Summer has been cool and cloudy, my perfect weather really. My top floor apartment in the condo building where I live has been blessedly cool for me and the cats. I leave the windows open all day, and cool refreshing breezes blow through my living quarters. We have had some rain, but not too much, just enough to nourish the flowers and they are all quite luscious.

Petunias are one of my favourite annuals - I like their spicy deep fragrance, their pretty colours, and they are easy to care for. I've never planted impatiens, but did this year, and they really flourished with the rain. They are the white flowers in the photo.

These clematis are special, they have been surviving for some years with no attention, planted beside the brick wall of the building, and living in sandy soil, with plastic as a cover. When I first moved into the building, two neighbours came by and suggested I give it some extra dirt, and keep it watered. They were thrilled that it still kept climbing year after year, although sickly looking.
My neighbours were surprised at the hardiness, and resilience of this plant, as they had tried to grow the same variety of clematis, and had failed.
So every year, it seems to be getting stronger, with more blossoms. It is pretty, isn't it?
  I have been really noticing the cloud formations this summer, more than usual -we have had so many cloudy days. I've been taking photos of them all summer, and thinking about trying to draw clouds.

 I have enough photos of clouds to keep my trying to draw them all year, if I choose.   :)

When I find a writer I love to read, I usually find myself reading all of his or her books. Recently I found the novels of Elizabeth Berg - I've been visiting the library -sometimes when  browsing I find someone new to read - such a pleasure.

I would really recommend her writing if you enjoy novels of everyday people. finding themselves in extraordinary situations. She writes luminously, and it is easy to tell that she loves writing, and also loves people. Elizabeth, is a registered nurse, and worked as a nurse for many years before her life as an author.

I would suggest reading "Open House" first, it is the kind of novel which makes me wish I could go into the book, and visit with the characters. It features a wise group of woman friends.

As well, "We are all Welcome Here", is an amazing story of a woman who after catching polio, has her baby delivered while she is in an iron lung; is immediately abandoned by her husband;  hires a caregiver and soon after returns home to raise her daughter. The book was primarily told from the point of view of the 13 year old girl. It is fiction, based on this remarkable family. The times and setting reminded me of "The Help" - early 1960's , civil rights is part of the story, and the ending features a REALLY VERY FAMOUS and iconic star, who plays the part of this family's liberator.
This is part of the back fence which my talented mother built, and it still stands.
When I was a small child, living on Mullin Avenue, my favourite haunt was the back lane. I visited with my neighbour childhood  friends; sat against the fence and woolgathered; observed crows, and probably this is where my first sense of fellowship with crows started -  and yes sometimes just got away from the fighting at home.

However at one point back in the early 60's there was an ongoing discussion, in the back lane, about a certain musical group new on the scene, whether you liked them best, or ELVIS. Or whether you loved John OR Paul. I think I was a little naive compared to my friends, and just liked Paul because he looked the most friendly. We collected Beatle cards from bubble gum, and Paul did seem to be the Beatle to save.

Still, after many decades, I do like Paul - not best - but I like his music very much. I admire him for still getting out there and playing to crowds at 71, probably putting some musicians in their 20's to shame, for pure energy, and crowd appeal. I saw a youtube video of his performance at the 2012 Olympics; he was outstanding I think.

And he will be here in the small city, where I live, on his world tour this WEDNESDAY!!!
My son, Paul, purchased three tickets from a friend who no longer needed them, for a very reasonable $50.00 each, and he is taking me and my niece, Summer!!!
I think we're going to have lots of fun.

Me I think I'll sit back, and take it all in with great happiness
Hugs. Thanks for reading.