Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Having come this far" - A First Zentangle

I found myself with alot of time to fill in early April this year, while in the hospital for a short stay.
I finally asked my son, Paul, if he could bring me my sketchbook and coloured pencils.

I'd seen zentangles at Teri's Painted Daisies, and thought zenning might be a fun way to fill my time.

I enjoyed this, and am going to try more - it feels like doodling which I loved doing in school in my notebooks. Recently I've read that there is research now to show that some students can actually process what they hear best if allowed to doodle, and sketch in class. In those days it was considered to be just playing, and discouraged.

But these days we are learning that there are multiple ways for human beings to learn - I'm so glad that we are growing in our understanding of children. I think our educational system is becoming a more humane one, and more attuned to childrens' individualities.

Here are two details from my first "zen".
The words, "Nothing stays the same, everything changes" is true I feel, and reflected my thoughts while in the hospital. The words are taken from a childrens' picture book called "Everything Changes", by Pat Hutchins, a favourite childrens' author and illustrator.
Detail of top corner of my zen.In my flower garden, I had an old trellis which my aunt helped me to repair, about 10 years ago. She asked her neighbour for several pieces of rebar, he had, and we braced the bottom with rebar, then pounded the rebar into the ground, to withstand the fierce winds we get in Saskatchewan. Since then I've moved from this old house, and my dear aunt passed away. She was a remarkable woman, a pillar of strength to everyone who knew and loved her.         


Here is another picture I worked on, on the first page of my little sketch book, when I was dreaming of spring, and planning a small flower patch.
I sketched some flowers from seed packages. Herbert joined the sketch, and later in the hospital I added some doodles.

I realize that this hasn't come up very clearly, as my doodles are in light pencil. I felt inspired to share these after visiting Teri's Painted Daisies, this morning - with her exquisite ongoing Zentangle, in her accordian sketch book. Make a visit there, you are sure to enjoy!

I plan to learn more about zentangles. It is a relaxing, and enjoyable way to sketch. There is some good information to find by Googling, and I learned that zenning is a pretty open style of art, but one of it's characteristics is repetitive patterns.

Soon, here in Saskatchewan the rainy weather will give way to days of sun, and warmth, and I plan to get out and plant a small flower garden.Our traditional time for planting is often considered to be Victoria Day, the third Monday in May - but there are many years when we aren't able to plant til June. This year, I'm thinking we might be able to plant a little earlier. However, many real gardeners have their vegetable gardens started in spite of cold and rain by early May.

Wishing you a great day. Thanks for visiting!


Geraldine said...

Oh Brenda, these are so cool! I loved seeing this artwork. And of course that you've included the felines too! Wonderful

Hope you are having a good day. Enjoy your time off work. You deserve a break.

Hugs, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, Ger,
It's always nice to see you've been by.
You have a good day too!
The sun IS out today, how is it where you are?
How is Mr. Ched?

Geraldine said...

Ched is sitting on my lap (and arm!!!) as I type this. He sends his best headbonks to the guys there.

I just posted about "sunshine" over at Happy Break and also a post about mom's over at My Poetic Path. I also responded to your ?? re: biz cards over at MRLR.

Have you been doing any cooking? I'm making Sweet Red Pepper and Corn Chowder and Potato Bread for supper. Yummm...Never enough soup LOL.

Smiles, G :<)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Good to hear from the Ched, I'll be sure and pass on those headbonks! :)
I seem to be blogging at the same time approximately as you. I just finished visiting at MPP. That was a really good post for your Mom.
Thanks, I also read your reply about biz cards.

The soup and bread you're making sounds delish!
Actually, I plan to make your veggie meatloaf today, for the first time.
Yesterday, Paul and I tried quinoa as a side dish, and enjoyed it quite abit.
Thanks for the visit, with the Ched,
B :)

sandy said...

I am going to look them up, too. Yours is lovely. If that is your first, I can't wait for more!

Right now, I need to go cook, too. I think I will do a soup, too. Perfect for a rainy day.

Take care,

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I think you would enjoy "zenning", and Teri's are wonderful! :)
I agree, a nice warm soup is just right for a rainy day!
Is there an end forecast for your rain in the near future?
I'm enjoying the photos you've taken in the rain, however.

The Boston Lady said...

Brenda, I have never heard of this before, but can understand how this would be a background activity to learning for children as well as a therapeutic exercise. I will take a look at Teri's site as I'm curious. BTW you are talented and I love how you wove some elements from your life into that first Zen! I remember I was a huge doodler in my school books or any scrap of paper by the telephone as I talk on it. I still do it today when I talk on the phone sometimes!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Now off to look at Teri's.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're planning to visit Teri's blog, I think you'll really enjoy her work!!!

I think that "zenning" is really quite therapeutic.

I also doodle still, while on the phone, I think it is abit of an aid for me in processing what I am listening too.

Thanks for your kind words!

Geraldine said...

just stopping in to say hi and happy weekend. did you get my reply (red type) to your last email? I sent it a couple days ago. no rush, I've been having problems with gmail though.

hope you're feeling fine! and that the weather is good too. Ger

Teri Casper said...

LOVELOVELOVE your zens Brenda! Love the way you added the real and the imaginary. You don't need to learn anything just let your pen do the talking. It is a wonderful way to relax and it becomes a meditation as well. I am so happy I inspired you. One warning though, making these are very addictive! lol