Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day and it feels more like spring

Happy Mothers' Day, my friends.

I enjoyed a restful weekend -well to be truthful I slept alot. We have had several longer than usual work weeks, with workshops, and learning a course on language. This weekend I found time to catch up.

This morning while I was  reading and having my coffee, these pretty flowers were delivered. How thoughtful of Paul my son. They are bright and cheerful.

Our weather has become very nice, with temperatures around 18 Celsuis, and we are being told by Environment Canada to expect a hot summer. I plan to be ouside a good part of the time every day, with my group of children at the daycare and so have decided I may need a sunhat.

I am not partial to wearing hats, and haven't had a sunhat since a child, but this one seemed to appeal to me. I like the wider brim to cover my face slightly, and the cheerful colours.

I am still in the process of arranging to have my bathroom damage fixed, and it has proved interesting trying to find which insurance would be able to cover the work - my own insurance, or the condo insurance. My feeling was that my insurance would need to cover it as the damage was caused by me, however it doesn't seem to work that way.

I'll also need to stay somewhere for about 4 days, and board Herb and Art, as I can't use  the toilet while the work is being done to replace the floor. First everything comes out, then dryed out for a few days, and then new flooring put in.

I plan to stay at a motel, or possibly my sister's house, but am anxious about boarding the cats - not sure how they'll do.

Since my bathroom sink is still not functioning Arthur has found a new way to drink water.

He doesn't mind getting wet one bit, and does look kind of cute.

By the way, Teri,
I have downloaded a book, to my Kindle, from the cat series you reviewed on Goodreads. It looks like a fun read.

Well, still abit tired, and off to sleep early for the night.