Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Herb and Art Outdoors

On this sunny day, after several rainy days, I decided to get the cats outdoors.
They haven't been outdoors much at all since we moved into the condo apartment in 2010. I had only one collar, and leash. So, I'd bought a new collar, leash, and two thin tie-out lines.

Herb and Art both seemed to approve of the new deck built by the young guys, who live in the condo, along with their dads.

However, it seemed some blackbirds didn't approve of Herb and Art.

Herb watched the birds from the safety of under the chair.

Arthur spied on the birds through the tall grass.
Arthur seemed to believe he might be safer to watch the birds from under the deck. I needed to use food to coax him out again.
Soon we headed back inside for lunch.
We'll head outside tomorrow, weather permitting. :)