Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Are you able to see the crow in flight just under the telephone wire, in the photo above? I took this picture last week, when I'd noticed a fairly large and noisy group of crows outside the kitchen window. Funny - I'd noticed several groups of large noisy crows last week, and now they've gone.

One can still hear the crows in a more subdued background sort of way, but nothing like the large presence they made last week. I wonder if the noisy visitors were in migration, and a little earlier than normal.

Crows are one of my favourite birds, they just touch me in a way I can't really explain, except to say I like their wild caws, and their jaunty selves, and that I remember watching them as a young child when I would sit and just contemplate things in our back lane.

These noisy birds swooped past the kitchen window and back off to the telephone wire over and over, to the amazement of Arthur, my black cat. I couldn't catch the look in Arthur's eyes adequately by camera - those crows put on a really good show!

After reading over at gardenpath, about sightings of large groups of crows, I decided to check for any news of early migrations of crows, but there didn't seem to be any current entries on Google for this. I did find a new book by John Marzluff, and Tony Angell, Gifts of the Crow. I've enjoyed two books by these writers. Tony Angell's illustrations are just absolutely lovely. I was able to order it and download it to my Kindle, so did this, and am finding it fascinating reading. The anecdotal stories of crow behaviors can be amusing and, the illustrations rewarding, although some of the scientific facts regarding the brain, and physiology of crows is abit of a tough slog, but worth it I think.

  Oh, and back to the photo of the crow in flight, my son has spread his wings and left the nest this morning; driving to Calgary, to find an apartment, get settled, and be ready for the beginning of the school year. He will be working as a substitute high school teacher. I'm happy for him, as he takes the next step in his life path.

My son and I have practise at saying goodbye, as he would travel every summer as a small child overseas, to visit his dad in the summer, and he'd already left home to attend university back in 1999. I'm really happy for the past two years of living together while he undertook his education degree. I think that living together as adult son, and mom made us closer. Not to say that everything was always perfect or ideal, of course - but in the end all had turned out right.

My son tends to like dogs better than cats, or so he says, but he bonded with Herbert and Arthur this past two years, and they with him. The cats were definitely concerned about the packing, and I just know they will miss him.

Does Arthur want to go along to Calgary too? Herbert sat in the box, as well, and then lay down for a long nap on Paul's suitcase. :) (Herb tends to be camera shy).

My  therapy for letting go, and saying goodbye to him, has often been finding a really thick, interesting book by a favourite writer, which I would read, sometimes for up to 14 hours until hearing that he'd arrived safely to his destination. This time Paul left as an adult - competent, and independent, and he just needed to drive 7 hours, but I still felt the need for a good book.

The book I choose to read, and downloaded to the Kindle, is Mudwoman, by Joyce Carol Oates - and it is working it's magic. Joyce Carol Oates is a prolific writer, and I haven't been able to read all her books, but enough of them, to know she would tell me a good story.

This past few weeks I've been borrowing books from the library, and enjoying the feel of a book in my hands, but I still love using the Kindle. I have used it for many tasks, I have downlaoded crochet patterns to the Kindle; articles I would like to read, instead of printing them; I downoad favourite pictures, a calender, and many free Kindle books stored in my Archives to read when I wish.

I tend to "purchase" free mysteries, cookbooks, and some personal improvement books. There is a wealth of free Kindle books available, and I find choosing a good book can be abit like shopping at a thrift store - it's such a pleasure to find one just right for me.

 Recently I read a free Kindle book, Don't Let Me Go, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, (who wrote Pass It Forward - which was made into a movie), and I loved this book. I would highly recommend Don't Let Me Go, and I notice it is still for a good price on Kindle at $3.99. It was heartwarming, and inspiring, and a good story full of endearing, slighty quirky characters, who I would personally like to know as friends.

Some other fun free books I now have stored in my archives are : "If I'm so Smart, Why Can't I Get Rid of This Clutter?";  "If Errands Could Kill, (Minivan Mom Mystery Series)";  "How to Find a Job When There are No Jobs"; The Temporary Detective, an Isobel Spice Novel"; "Julie Smith, Writing Your Way, the Great American Novel Track.";  and "Quinoa Recipes for Weight Loss" (with some wonderful recipes for anyone).

I would like to share this video of the song Changes, performed by Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian singer and songwriter. This song was written by Phil Ochs. I hope you might enjoy!

Wishing you a happy August!


Teri Casper said...

So much interesting news on this post, especially Paul moving on with his life. Sounds like youmwill all miss him and rightly so. Funny how books save us though these times. Will you get to visit him often?

I heard the authors of that crow book talking on public radio and reserved the book at the library. They made it sound so interesting and now you have confirmed that.

You always have interesting things here Brenda.


sandy said...

I haven't had any more crow activity here, either, except for the regulars. You new book about crows looks very interesting. Crow really are smart birds.

So, you son has already moved to his new home? When does school start there? When my daughter and her family moved to Wyoming last March, they didn't tell us until the got there. She didn't want us to worry about them being on the road. They had a great trip and the boys thought it was a big adventure, so all worked out well.

I still get lots of books out of the library, too. And, after going to the library for 50 years, I don't think that I will ever give it up completely. I usually have one on the Kindle and one library book going all the time.

Geraldine said...

I hope everything goes well with all the changes in your family. Change is what makes life happen, whether at the time we like it or not. It can be scary, sad, lonely...but also so positive and energizing too.

I think it's interesting how you love crows. They aren't my favs but I love ravens, go figure. Saw some huge ones and very tame, up in the Yukon.

I never thought I'd want an ereader but I think I'm going to have to break down and get one soon. It's the wave of the future, for so many genres of books. I don't think I'd read a novel on one but with the better screens etc, now you never know. Apparently Kindles are now available for Canadians, I think that would be my choice. And so many choices for these! Sounds like you really like yours.

Love to see anything Gordie featured, thanks!

Happy Wednesday, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks each of you for your comments.
Paul will be settling in at Calgary, finding a part time job in a restaurant, finding an apartment, etc. and then the school year will start the first week of September.

He'll be substitute teaching at high school, but also wants to work weekends and some evenings at a restaurant, to make sure he keeps his budget.

He plans to come back for a visit, the week before school starts, and then again at Thanksgiving, and Christmas. He is already booked to work at the restaurant he works here for the Christmas holiday.

So, I'm hoping all goes well for him, as I believe it will.


Geraldine said...

PS: Gmail seems to be acting wonky tonight. No, I didn't receive the button file email. If you can resend, thanks again.

Mr. Cheddar said...

Heh Ms. Brenda, Herb and Arthur, Good to read your comment on my new puzzle post today. You are soooo right that mine is superior to the Waldo's!!! A has-been if I've ever seen one.

Meowmie is not whining as much today about the weather, thank goodness. She simply can't handle hot temps. I of course adjust to all situations, temp. changes, kibble variations...with ease and style. I'm sure you felines can relate. You both look like very well-adjusted dudes!

Well I must fly, make that nap!

laters, The Chedster, still fab, still waiting for love, still the bug warrior of all time!!!! Snort.

Mr. Cheddar said...

PS: Hope you are all having a good day today and enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Meowmie and I are typing up a storm here. Well, maybe not a storm, but lots and lots. I just posted a new kibble review, you might enjoy over at MRLR. H and A, you really must get your mom to give this one a try. Yumm-O!

Well, gotta fly, Headbonks,

The Chedster!

Still fearless, still blogging, still napping...it goes on and on. Snort...

Geraldine said...

Congrats on the new cat blog H and A! Meowmie left a comment over there but you have comment moderation on so it isn't up yet.

Feline Bloggers Unite!

Mr. Cheddar

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I love crows too, but Mrs Black is not too sure. We have mostly Jackdaws and Rooks here and see a Crow further up the road towards the farms. Arthur is a wonderful looking cat! It's always hard to see the young ones off to a new adventure, but we all grow from them. That Gordon Lightfoot song is lovely. Enjoy your books. Minerva x

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there,
Thanks for reading here! Yes, some crows are almost as large as Arthur, and he doesn't quite know what to make of them, I think. :)
I do love reading over at Minerva Black, and hope to also follow you through the cats new blog, HerandArtMuse, however, I need to learn some things about Wordpress first.
I'm happy you enjoyed Gordon's song. It does have a pretty tune.

The Boston Lady said...

I FINALLY got here! Gordon Lightfoot is in the soundtrack of my childhood - he is such a great artist and his songs always had a story to them.

Joyce Carol Oates is indeed a prolific writer and I've only read a couple of hers. What I like about her is that each of her books are very different, at least in my opinion.

Now, I thought those cats had their own blog now - can you direct me to it please?

I hope Paul finds much success in Calgary and everyone has a little "catperson" inside of them. It just needs an opportunity to come out!

Thanks for continuing to stop by my blog with all your encouragement. May life return to some form of routine next week!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in!
I absolutely know that life has been a whirlwind for you and the household at Boston Manor.

I don't seem to be in blogging mode here as you can see, and although I had fun setting up HerbandArtMuse, I am finding Wordpress abit harder to understand, and have actually been avoiding writing a post - oops I mean Herb and Art haven't posted since the first one. :)

If you just check down my blogroll, you can click on HerbandArtMuse to find us. I haven't figured out how else to make it accessible, other than through those who publish with Wordprss.

I'm glad you enjoyed Lightfoot's song, he was certainly also apart of my soundtrack, growing up too. I believe although he is very Caadian, he is also loved for his songs world wide.

I haven't had the chance to read all Joyce Carol Oates books by any means, as well. I actually did like Mudwoman, but don't think it's a light read, or a happy read either.

Thanks for sharing your experience over the past few months, with the move, and it's been interesting...and inspiring!