Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple Gifts - Just because

This evening I've had a song playing in my head, Simple Gifts, one of my favourite tunes.

The song has alot of meaning for me, we used it for my mothers' funeral, for the final processional. It just described for me, perfectly, how she was towards the end, and how "it turned out right".

I like the recording here, by YoYo Ma, and Alison Krause, and this is the recording I used for Mom.


The Boston Lady said...

Beautiful Brenda. It's actually a very hopeful sounding song and seems that it must have been just perfect for your mom. This brought a tear to my eye as it made me think of my own mother... Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for your visit, Ann!
I'm glad that you did enjoy the song.

kj said...

brenda, i am somewhere where i can't listen to music (it is too late at night) but even without it your post and memory touches me. i will be back to listen


Teri Casper said...

So very touching Brenda. Some melodies just seem meant for these kind of moments.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks everyone, this is a favourite of mine.
I'm glad you may have enjoyed it to.

I like this video alot, although I personally wouldn't use religious images, if I were making the video.The religious images here remind me of pictures in my school catchechism books, and are familiar to me.

However as we do we live in a diverse, pluralistic society I prefer being inclusive. I think being inclusive is at the heart of all the major world faiths, really.

However this was the nicest recording I found of this song.

Mr. Cheddar said...

To Herbert and Arthur, Thanks for the comments today over at Veggies. I just replied. WEll, Meowmie actually wrote it but I added my wise and witty thoughts that add so much snort......

Hope you guys are keeping cool. It's not too bad here now. Got a new toy yesterday and some new kibble and treats to try so that helps too. I'm still bored though...only so much we can do with those humans!

Your feline pal, Mr. Cheddar

kj said...

i've just listened. i love this song and this is a most beautiful rendition.

all will be well. that's what i hear. and i think that's what you're saying too. i wish it to be so because if i lived believing that, i would be a lot lighter almost all the time :^)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for listening.I'm glad you enjoyed it.