Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Beautiful Song and a beautiful season

The song, Beautiful, by Gordon Lightfoot, seems appropriate for this lovely season, which is beginning in Saskatchewan.As I walked home from the bus stop, after work today, I noticed the lovely stillness in the air, and the settled feeling that I know many people do sense at autumn A beautiful season - for children a time of new beginnings as they begin school, or university. I am feeling grateful for my job at another new daycare center - filled with busy children, excited about the start of school.

 I found that my most recent daycare job, of eight weeks duration, was a poor fit for me, both in terms of philosophy, and environment. So, just last week, I left to start at another center, and I am feeling much more comfortable, and excited by the possibilities for me to do the kind of child care that I find rewarding. This center is not fancy, but there is lots of space, all used well for the children, and oodles of good play materials, and craft supplies, and the center is following best practises, to the best of its abilities. It is teeming with kids, doing what kids do - laughing, playing, crying, up to high jinx, colouring, glueing, cutting with scissors, making puzzles, jumping, running (and then being asked to "walk" inside please), building blocks, playing with dressup clothes, sitting in circles to sing, hearing stories, napping,  crying, being consoled, playing outside in the sand - a happy place.

A place, I feel happy to go to in the morning, and where I feel I'll be happy to stay.

Well, I wanted to write a post, just to as well update abit, as I haven't written for some time. I will not write much more now, although there's definitely things I'd love to write, but must get to bed for work tomorrow. 
I've loved following along with several of my favourite blogs, this past month - one of my favourite times of day is visiting.

Herb and Artie, my two sweet feline companions have begun their own blog, and I haved promised to let them on the keyboard soon, to write a new post. They've been talking about a post on "talismans" - hmmm, and did have me take many photos for a tour of their favourite spots in the apartment, so probably this weekend they should get some keyboard time. :)

So, for now, just a hello, I'm still here. I hope you might enjoy this song. Lightfoot is still a wonderful performer. Perhaps more mellow, and more elegant now, I think.


The Boston Lady said...

What a nice way to start my day, listening to Gordon Lightfoot! He looks quite different than I remember, but sounds exactly the same! So glad you found a better fit for work, Brenda. It's hard to stay motivated and look forward to going to work if it doesn't feel right,

I look forward to the felines' blog. Hmmmmm, talismans... I bet they have some fascinating thngs to say.

Good to see you back on the sidebar, blog roll.


Teri Casper said...

Always good to see a post from you Brenda and this is just so sweet.
Looking forward to hearing from Artie and Herb.
Hugs to all.

sandy said...

Good for you, for having the gumption to leave a job that wasn't the right fit, and find another. What a lot of change is going on in your life this year!

We are having a steamy end to the summer, here. Not at all like our usual Maine weather. I am looking forward to cool days and bright leaves. How about you?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for visiting.
I'm going though a Gordon Lightfoot phase, reviewing his music on Youtube, and falling in love with his music.
I watched a recent interview of his, and was interested to find that he's 74, so, it is wonderful to see his joy in performing, and evident love of his work. I plan to post the interview, as I found it very interesting.
One of my memories of the early 70's is of my youngest uncle becoming a "hippy" from a business person,(and just a few years later transforming back to a business person), after living in Toronto, and watching Gordon Lightfoot perform several times. Lightfoot was one of the "changers" of a generation of people I think, and still is touching new generations.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for visiting.
I have been enjoying your blog so much lately.
I am hoping to start writng more posts, as I miss it.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is a pleasure to hear from you. I'm missing your posts at Gardenpath. I hope you're having a really good break, and hope all is well.
I'm glad I have found my new job, as I am enjoying it so much, and the kids are so cute.
I hope your cooler weather is on it's way!

kj said...

hi brenda, nice to hear from you. i'm so glad you left one job and are now in another that makes you whistle
:^) i'll bet you are so good with those kids!

happy autumn.

gordon lightfoot is 74? somehow i thought he was ageless :^)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there, kj,
So nice to have you visit!
Thanks, I am definitely enjoying the kids! :)
You are absolutely right about Lightfoot! :)
Happy Autumn to you as well!

Geraldine said...

I hope the new position works out great Brenda. I agree with Sandy, so much change but you seem to be handling everything well. That's great, it takes courage to make changes in our lives.

One of my all time fav Gordie greats!

And how sweet the kitties look in the sun!

Happy Weekend, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, so much, Ger,
Ultimately we must make our jobs work - much of what we get from a job. or anything in life depends on what we are willing to give. However, some jobs are better fits then others, and I guess for me, it's a process of finding a good fit. Nothing can be worse, I think, then trying to care for small children, if the environment is stressful, and not set up for success.

Well, I know you are a huge fan of Lightfoot, and I too think this is one of his best! :)