Saturday, July 14, 2012

Listening to some favourite music and house cleaning

This evening I searched for relaxation videos for a friend, and although I did find some good You Tube videos with soothing natural sounds, and some positive affirmational videos, what I personally found most soothing is some of the classical music I love. I haven't listened for some time, possibly several years, for one reason or another.

As I listened to Claire de lune; Moonlight Sonata; and Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I was brought back to my childhood when Mom and Dad would play this lovely music on a radio station every evening in the summer, sitting outside on the front step. We three children would fall to sleep listening to the lovely tunes, and the soothing low talk of our parents.
Here's the three kids in summer on the step. I presently live just a few blocks from this small house on Mullin Avenue.

This evening I decided to clean, and listening to good, music made the work feel light.I have a special fondness for the music below, Pachelbel Canon in D, so wanted to share it here with you.

I'm wondering what you find relaxing, inspiring, and soothing? I am still looking for my friend, so any suggestions are most welcome.

Cleaning the apartment was also good for my soul this evening, I like the sense of a clean house just cleaned, and it needed doing. It has been so hot I haven't felt like exerting myself, but it was necessary this evening.

Here's why - yesterday morning Paul was in bed, (he worked til 2 that morning), when he heard a crashing sound. He came out to the kitchen, to find the window screen had fallen, and Herbert was standing over a small robin on the kitchen floor. He had apparently grabbed the poor bird off the window ledge.

Paul went to find some paper towels to pick up the bird, and returned to see Arthur making a swift getaway with bird in mouth, to under my bed. I didn't hear about the accident until this morning, as Paul and my paths haven't crossed for two days. He's left for work when I get home, and then gets home from work in the early morning.

Cleaning, the floor on my hands and knees with a cloth and pail, listening to lovely music seemed to soothe the atmosphere. I was sorry for the bird, and have learned my lesson to keep the kitchen window closed when out of the apartment.

Please just click on "Read more" below, if you would like to hear the video. :)


Teri Casper said...

You really took my pail and rags to heart haha.
Your music, all of it, are also my favorites! It sure makes cleaning easier.
Poor bird. Yes, lesson learned. You know me and birds.


sandy said...

The next time I have some serious cleaning to do, I will take a page from your book. This is just beautiful!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for your visit!
Yep, I will definitely make sure that window is closed when I'm not there from now on.
The music is beautiful isn't it!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

It's always nice to have you drop in!

Geraldine said...

Mr. Cheddar really appreciated the bird story, he says to tell Herb and Arthur, you go guys!!!

I think it's kind of sad actually for the poor bird. But it's how cats are, isn't it? Instinct.

Re: the prizes in the NC contest, sorry they weren't what you like, I could ask my contact person about this. They probably sent their newest products, as prizes. I'm not sure if they are different than what I reviewed or not, without having the exact name. If you want me to try to get a replacement set for you, just let me know, if they are a different type formula.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

It is sad for the bird indeed.
However it is in the nature of cats to hunt prey. Paul said that Arthur was prancing and seemed happy about the bird.
I however prefer him, to play with his toys, and he really is quite the creative, hunter of toy mice, etc. Just as I am typing he is stalking to my room with a toy mouse in mouth (truly), I think possibly the idea is to put them in my room as gifts.
Oh, regarding the prizes, I was thrilled to receive them!
I was also thrilled to gift them to my friend Teana, as she has fine hair, and the hair products were for giving volume and body.
I didn't even notice what kind the ones you reviewed were. I was just happy to win, as I don't usually win contests. It was fun. I am using the bath soap and it is nice.
Thanks! :)

kris_ said...

I hope everything's okay now. With regards music when cleaning your apartment, I would have to agree that's a great company. It relaxes you when you're cleaning so you don't feel like losing patience trying to get the stain off your rug and the like. I know I would do the same cleaning my own Carson City apartments.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I have left another reply over at MRLR, just hoping to clear the impression I may have given that I was disappointed with my prize of shampoo.

I was absolutely thrilled to receive my parcel, and seeing that the product was not for my kind of hair, thrilled to be able to re-gift them to Teana, who was delighted.

I had read your review of this product back in the spring, and had commented, but looking again, I can't see the fine print on the picture re: hair type. That is not what is important to me.

I was just happy to win! :)

Hugs, Brenda