Thursday, November 3, 2011


The days are growing shorter, as winter approaches. The twilight in winter, always seems beautiful to me. I've always enjoyed being outdoors at this time of day. The indoor lights, seen from outside, seem comforting, and meanwhile the outdoors is calm, and  serene.

This is the first day where I caught a sense of winter approaching, and I decided to try to catch some of the beauty of the late autumn  sky and trees.

This is a group of larch or tamarack trees, I've been admiring during my walks.Their needles are extremely soft when new, and a very pretty, light green. I think they are one of the only coniferous trees to lose their needles in the fall.

I  like the austere beauty of berries on a tree, and  the colour of the sky at twilight also has an austere beauty to it, I think.

 This walk follows closely to our lake, and adding to the beauty of the sky, is the sound of large flocks of geese - our local geese - and the effect of the calls of geese, and twilight always creates a feeling of bitter - sweetness for me.

Last weekend, we observed huge flocks of migrating birds passing overhead for hours, which is another indication of approaching winter. Snow is forecast for this weekend. The season is changing.


Geraldine said...

A beautiful time of day Brenda, I agree. This poem I wrote a couple of years ago, came to mind while I read this:

Thoughts At Twilight


The day, whispers: “goodbye”

As the earth turns towards.

Another horizon.

The sun sinks slowly past.

The brilliant cobalt line.

Day returns to Night until…

Night returns to Day.

To capture this moment.

Recorded in memory; suspended in time.

The beauty, the sadness.

Often, an empty place.

If such beauty can exist.

If only for the blink of an eye.

How can our inspiration fail us.

Or fail, to bloom?

Awestruck, lost in the majestic colors.

The magic skies.

Heavenly music for the senses.

Between the day and the oncoming night.

Sienna skies, crimson red, glorious hues.

Lovingly burnt to perfection.

We stop and stare.

For a moment, lost in prayer.

Our twilight times.

Life, the years, the dreams.

Passed but not lost.

Beyond this horizon.


Becomes you.

And will,

Be come….



I had a dear blog bud share a poem recently, at my blog, thought I'd pass it along.

I remember Sask. Novembers. It looks rather cold already there. We had a whisper of snow yesterday here but it's already gone.

Tell H and A that Ched really enjoyed the comment and sends headbonks back in return. He has no camera tips but does look forward to seeing more pics of the two felines soon. And hopes they will enjoy Taste of the Wild!

Happy Weekend, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is a great poem, very evocative of the feeling I was trying to show in my pictures. There is a sadness to twilight, and I sometimes find myself feeling reverence at twilight.

Thanks so much for sharing your poem.
Hmmm...snow already...I'm glad to hear it hasn't settled yet. We have a forecast of snow for the weekend...things may suddenly start to look alot different around here!

Head bonks to Mr. Ched, from two of his buds.

Teri C said...

Wow Brenda, these are gorgeous photos of that special time of the day.

I enjoyed Geraldine's poem also.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Teri,
I was glad Geraldine shared her poem.
Twilight is a pretty time of day.
We have a lot of sky here on the prairie, and very pretty sunsets.
Thanks for dropping in!!!