Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Mondays

Over at Early Childhood Education and Commonsense, my other blog, I've started a Music Mondays post, to share some of the music my children and I enjoy throughout the day.

Most children love music, and  some of the best times we have together, at the daycare are spent listening and dancing to music.We listen to an eclectic variety of music, some by children's singers; classical music such as The Nutcracker Suite; music from the early 60's - such as "It's My Party"; or "My Boyfriends Back" (with their simple beat these are quite fun for dancing to); Elvis; Beatles; Feist; Celine Dion, - many popular songs and performers can be enjoyed by young children.

We listen to a cd of naptime music by Kenny Loggins, now and then, at quiet times. Return to Pooh Corners was made in 1994, and won The Grammy Awards that year.

I like his version of Blackbird, written by Paul McCartney. However, instead of sharing Kenny Loggins version here, which is meant for children, I decided to search for a few other performers, that would appeal to adults, so to speak. :)

There are several differing stories of how McCartney came to write this tune, but I don't think it's really necessary to know the history of the song to enjoy it.

In this You Tube video, Sarah McLaughlin sings Blackbird. The music is from the soundtrack of the movie "I Am Sam". The photography in this video is beautiful, I think - I love the birds.

McCartney wrote Blackbird, in 1968. Here is a video of him in 2009 - 41 years later performing this song live.

I hope you might enjoy these two videos, and that the cheerful tune, and hopeful words might provide a little sparkle to your day.


Anonymous said...

I like Sarah's version the best, I think. Thanks for posting them.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for reading and listening!
I do like Sarah's voice, as well.
I am a Beatles fan, and have been enjoying viewing some of the videos available, so might be sharing a few more Beatles tunes.
It's interesting to learn other's preferences!

Geraldine said...

Ahhhh....Sir Paul, still rockin' love it! The Beatles and their incredible songs will live on forever. Love this tune, thanks for sharing Brenda!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Geraldine,
Thanks for reading and listening here today.
Yes, I admit I also do enjoy Paul's performance here very much.

Teri C said...

Oh what a great idea to have a Music Monday for the little ones. Music should be part of our lives. I used to sit on the driveway with my grands (when they were little) and sing, "You are my sunshine" and sometimes we still sing it together. Who knew I would have a Sunshine of my own. haha

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Teri,
Thanks for dropping in!
It's always nice to see you've been by!
I've always loved "You are my Sunshine" too!
Do you also sing to your own little Sunshine? :)