Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some ancient pictures with hats

My mother LOVED picture taking, along with many other activities, sewing, knitting, cooking, baking, entertaining, smoking, and sharing gossip with her sister-in-laws.She had a wonderful relationship with her sister-in-laws based on their admiration of her many talents, gossip, and smoking.When I watched the movie, and later read the novel "The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisters", I felt a shiver of identification  as the main character and her friends reminded me strongly of my mom, as well as the era in which I grew up.

I'm quite sure Mom would have enjoyed blogging, with all that involves - the opportunity to share sewing/knitting secrets, and patterns; the opportunity to make friends; and the chance to post her many pictures.

I was reminded of some pictures of me in various hats, after reading Geraldine's weekly post over at Take a Happy Break. and felt moved to post a few in solidarity with Mr. Cheddar.So, dear Ched, thanks to my mom's love of picture taking here's a few less than flattering pictures of me - just so you don't feel alone. :)

 Well, here is one of me and my younger brother, Mike. Our coats, and my hat were sewn by Mom, and of course his toque, and both of our scarves she knit. (We have LOTS of pictures of playing in the snow.) Go figure! (Ched, actually I think you might look nice in a toque, as well).

I belonged to "Brownies", for many years, and as well Girl Guides. Really, I think it was fun, and I believe I learned some good things in these organizations. In the last few years, I ran into a friend who had been in Brownies with me, and she said she had always thought I was so good at my activities, especially how to "set a table placing". (I shared with her, that my Mom actually polished up my assignments - I love my Mom, but she was abit obsessive about performance.) This was interesting for my friend and we shared a good laugh. (Mr. Ched, this hat is called a tam or beret, like yours!)

This is a photo before my Confirmation - with my youngest brother - Jeff. I am so glad I have all these photos. They are nice to go through now and then. I notice that I always squint in these pictures. I think it's because in those days it was thought best not to wear glasses for pictures due to reflection, but I would squint because I couldn't see. (Well not exactly a hat, Ched, it is a slightly embarrassing picture of me in a head covering.)

Snow, again - a common theme...and me with Jeff. I identified myself, strongly as Nona, the older sister. Here it is possible to see the whole outfit, sewed by Mom, including the leggings. I'm thinking this was in a nice rust coloured wool, possibly herringbone patterned.

Along with all the other amazing things Mom did for her young family - she made us an outdoor skating rink, almost every winter. Here is a picture of she, me, and the youngest, Jeff. Jeff managed to develop many of her skills, through imitation. He in fact can do almost anything in the way of household renovations; another thing Mom was good at, learned from her Dad - who was often accompanied by his large toolbox when visiting his daughters.

We had countless hours of fun skating outside, and all our neighbours were always welcome!


sandy said...

Do you do all the things that your mom did? I know for sure that you like photography. How about knitting and sewing?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandy,
I do enjoy abit of sewing, but I'm not as good at it as she was.
I'm getting back to crocheting, but I'm not a knitter.
However she enjoyed thinking up fun things for children, and I do work as an early childhood educator.
Thanks so much for reading, and asking!!

Lorraine said...

hush you look so pretty, love the photos and yours gorgoues cats: Herbert and Arthur lovely to see you and them

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Lorraine,
Thanks for dropping in here!
I do enjoy your photographs over at your blog, and the words added!
A very good blog, I intend to read along with!

The Boston Lady said...

I like your new blog look! And I love seeing all those old pictures. Your mom sounds like she had many talents and I love the fact that you had your own ice rink every winter. Ann

Geraldine said...

Hi Brenda, These are such lovely photos. I like how you've featured them, with the full photo shown, adds to the post. Your mom and my mom had a lot in common didn't they? Sewing up a storm, knitting, I don't know if your mom painted? These photos bring some good memories to mind for me too. We always had an outdoor rink in the backyard too, a big ice fort usually too. SO MUCH SNOW in those years...loved it all. Mr. Ched says no way to the toque btw.

It finally snowed here last night, looks so pretty out there. The mountains and pines generously dusted with white!


Mr. Cheddar said...

Ms. Brenda, Thank you for sharing some hat pics, I don't feel so lonely now. Although it would have been better if I had hat solidarity from the felines over there. Snort....

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Ann,
Thank you for reading here, and it's always nice to see that you've left a comment!
Yes, we were really lucky to have this ice rink, and we always had a few neighbours join us, which was fun!
Take care,

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I'm glad that the pictures brought back some good memories for you. I agree, our two mothers were much alike, in quite a few ways. They would have been good friends I think if given the chance, with lots to talk about. Mom started some watercolour painting after retiring, abit.

We really are a northern people, with our love of snow aren't we! And I think most of us at certain latitudes and temperate zones on this continent,have strong childhood memories of playing in the snow, and snowforts, and skating.
And we happily forget this once spring comes around.

Thanks again, for reading, and your comments.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in Ched, hmm...I'm not sure about hat pictures with the two guys, but what about ones with some nice striped scarves...hmmm...

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