Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding abit of Sparkle

The word for the week over at Take a Happy Break, is Sparkle.And it made me consider what brings  a sparkle to my life - what gives me the oomph I sometimes need to get going in the morning. What I think about when I need to give myself a boost.
 A peaceful morning with the autumn sun shining in, and the cats basking in the warmth provides me with a sense of both contentment and also gives me my sparkle.

Rain outdoors, and a whole afternoon to curl up with a book.
This is a whopping 1072 pages, and a real page turner. I recently read On Writing, by Stephen King (as recommended by Geraldine in her blog My Real Life Reviews), and loved his writing, and his encouragement of fledgling writers, so thought I'd try this book. In the past I've considered his books off limits, as I thought they would be too horrifying for my taste. This one so far is more of a mystery.

Simple comforts, but they will be what I remember when I'm looking for my oomph, this week.

To read Geraldine's post and haiku, please click on the link, Take a Happy Break, on my list of Blogs I Follow. You will enjoy !!

                              Wishing sparkle and a delightful week ahead for you!


Geraldine said...

What a lovely post Brenda. I'm glad my WOTW has inspired you. I love the pic of the cats most of all. They are such handsome dudes!

Mr. Cheddar is being interviewed at:

today, Herbert and Arthur, are you reading along?

A very catty interview. I see he's also signed up as a follower here....

Happy Week, G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping by, Geraldine. I really enjoyed the photo and poem on your post for WOTW.

I tried to provide your post as a link, but still not quite good at this.

Well, we'll be sure and check out the interview.We decided to follow Rumpydog, because we read about a certain Fearless Warrior's interview there, and then found it to be such a nice blog to read along with!

Hope you have a great week,

Teri C said...

I love seeing how we inspire each other. This is a wonderful,post Brenda.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Teri,
Thankyou so much!
Wishing you a great week!