Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little bit of Light heartedness and Sparkle

I have learned that a wonderful, inspirational early childhood educator, Lisa Murphy, aka as the Ooey Gooey Lady will be in my city for a workshop this winter, and I'm looking forward to attending for some inspiration, and fun!

Lisa is a wonderful example of a human being who celebrates the "sparkle" in life.She has done so much for early childhood education by way of inspiration, and solid appropriate practises in teaching young children.
I think you will enjoy this, and feel free to look her up and watch more of her videos.


Kierna C said...

Oh this is brilliant Brenda & I love Lisa Murphy - so jelaous that you get to see her live. I was very excited when she replied to a tweet of mine on twitter!!! I can't wait to bring my banana into school tomorrow & try this!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Kierna,
Thanks for checking in here.
I really enjoy Lisa's videos, and as well her written work. I loved reading her book on play. I think she has a great ability to inspire.

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! I will have to try this with Cassie tomorrow----she will love it!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Lisa, is funny!!
I also found intriguing the concept of "suspension of disbelief", and plan to read more about this.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Just a further comment - I googled "suspension of disbelief", and see that it is a fairly common term in literature of the science fiction, and horror genre. (I'm presently reading a book by Stephen King, "Under the Dome", which does require the reader to accept alot of unbelievable occurrences, but if you will, the story is quite compelling), so I understand this.

Taking it at it's simplest, I see how children do seem to suspend disbelief, so often - to as in Lisa's example of "talking on a banana", or for instance in believing some of the stories of our Canadian story teller, Robert Munsch.

However as well children have a brain still developing, especially in their ability to make judgements, and more formal thought, so perhaps, this isn't true "suspension of disbelief", but the fact that for young children almost everything IS believable.

Cause for educators to handle with respect, but also cause for much fun and wonder, and pretend play.


KAT said...

Oh OK I get it a bit now...My computer speakers are broken so I have no sound whatsoever on here... But for some reason, I watched that entire little video just now. I loved her movements and facial expression...I'm weird today

- KAT -

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, KAT, Thanks for visiting here.
You know I just had to watch this video with the sound turned off, after reading your comment here.Lisa does have a very animated speaking style, and it was fun to just watch her, and possible to get a bit of the gist of what was happening.
I'm planning to drop over to your blog, right away. It's always nice to meet new people in the blogging world!