Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just a little update

The first day of fall is now past, and the weather here is definitely fall like. I enjoy the cooler days, and the colours of autumn, as well as the sounds of the geese as they fly overhead. I live near to a bird marshland right within our city, and I think as well, part of the migration pathway for Canada Geese, as every spring and fall, one can hear hundreds of geese late at night in their flight.We also have local geese who winter over, and so I can always hear geese from where I live.

 This year I'm feeling the season is abit elegaic - I'm missing people from my past, and present. My son, Paul is working as a high school science teacher, in Calgary. He went to work as a substitute, but was invited to two interviews by high school principals, and was hired by one of them.I'm incredibly happy for him, but miss him.

I'm missing cousins who I rarely see, and my grandparents, aunts, and Mom. I recall one fall when I took a photo of my closest cousin, holding her baby son, and her husband (they are no longer together), who had come over to visit, and behind them the sun was setting - and I felt my heart pull, and I felt how much I cared about these people - along with my aunt and Mom. The song by Elton John, "Your Song" came to me then, and I felt that if I could someday I might write about these people, and our times.( early 70's)

 I think I might just get around to this yet, as a way of filling the emptiness of the loss of these people. Here's the song, as sung by Elton. I like this version on Youtube, he looks young and sweet.

 So, just something small to share here. Hugs to my blogging friends!


Teri Casper said...

Your mood seems to reflect the season. I know you are happy for Paul and I know how much you miss him but when he comes home it will be so sweet.
How wonderful to hear and see the geese all the time. I love their sounds. My dafter must be near a flyway as I hear and see them a lot. They inspire me to paint them but I am so darn busy with the girls.
My daughter and SIL were supposed to come yesterday but their flight was cancelled so hope they make it today. Everyone misses them a lot.

Take care Brenda and say hi to the felines. So good to see a post from you.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Maybe you'll find time to paint some geese from your home, when you get back.
I hope your daughter arrives safely today.
I think you're right about the season, and I'm just feeling it more so this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the season does bring on these feelings. I have lived far away from my family for all of my adult life, and understand how it feel to be down once in a while.
It passes, and you get excited about new things, and as Terry says, look forward to visit even more.

That is one of the good things about blogging, we can share feelings like this. The best to you, Brenda! Have a great evening.

The Boston Lady said...

One of my favorite songs of his... I would love to learn of these family members, Brenda. I hope you will write about them one day.

I imagine you miss Paul a great deal, but of course, are very proud and happy of and for him.

I think Fall, as wonderful a season as it is, makes a lot of people reflect on the past and perhaps even feel melancholy. That being said - Paul is in the school system and surely has Winter Break??? And Canadian Thanksgiving before that? I hope you will be able to see him at both or one of those times and hear about his new life and he about yours.

I hear you girl. My move has caught up with me and I have questions swirling around my head! Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, this is true, really, that our feelings can improve as we look ahead.
I really appreciate your words here.
Wishing you a good evening, and week ahead!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is a beautiful song, isn't it. I just love his music. Although I understand the song was written by Bernie Taupin. (It seems Elton has sung many of Taupin's songs.)
I agree, fall can be a somewhat melancholy time, maybe I let it affect me, abit overly.
Paul is planning to come home for Christmas, and is even scheduled to work at the pizza restaurant he worked at here, for several days. (Mainly because he likes the people there.)
Thanks for the encouragement, I think I may soon try to write my stories down. :)
I think I can relate to your sense of just beginning to get your bearings after the move, since somewhat similarly I've been making a few changes to my life too!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for all the encouraging words each of you.
I am okay, just abit sad, and as Sandy said, it is nice to be able to share.
I do think it is time for me to try to write some of the stories I've carried with me.
Wishing each of you a good October, which is just ahead! :)

kj said...

how could i not be sad and nostalgic reading this, brenda. i feel this for my family and loved ones too. sometimes i wish my daughter and her family lived right next door to me. a stone's throw away.

hope you have a friend or two nearby.

thank you, love

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for reading here, and sharing with me.
Aren't we truly fortunate to have people in our lives that we love so dearly. Even if they are far away, or have gone.

Geraldine said...

A time to reflect, that's for sure. I'm sorry about all the people you're missing Brenda. Unfortunately, I can completely relate to that empty feeling, the loss...even the kind that are temporary. Sometimes it seems unbearable but we can't despair or give up. And love never dies, true love crosses all barriers, even the other side. That I know for sure.

take care, congrats to your son and hugs to the felines too.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there, and thanks!!!
Do you find that being creative, such as writing your poetry, or making something beautiful is a way of healing, and processing loss?
Wishing you a great weekend. Here the colours of the trees are just amazing. I have heard that due to the kind of summer we had, the trees are brighter this year.
The world is looking illuminated with golds, and reds.
The felines plan a new post this weekend, our fingers are crossed that all will work.
Big Hugs,