Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's something about June

Here in Saskatchewan, June is one of our nicest months. The temperature is warm, without being oppressive, and the flowers are just beginning to come into their beauty. We can anticipate several months ahead of lovely weather, barbecues, baseball games, outdoor picnics, vacation time, which for some may mean camping in several wonderful national parks...beach days...and of course for school children the imminent end of the school year. One can almost sense a collective sigh of satisfaction that summer has arrived.

In the condo apartment where I live, we have a casual sort of system of yard maintenance, based on personal choice.One of my neighbours, Dorothy, and I decided to buy the flowers for the front, and we chose pansies. So yesterday evening I spent time weeding, and planting, and then felt inspired as well to cut the grass.

I'm not good with a gas powered lawn mower, and struggled abit, almost ready to return the mower to the shed, when a neighbour across the lane, looked over her very tall fence. She said she'd help me but couldn't get over the fence, and then suggested I prime it 5 times again, and it worked. This is another nice thing about summer - we get to know our neighbours!

I enjoy cutting grass, as it is satisfying to see the result; in a way similar to shoveling snow in the winter. I'm so glad that I now know the secret to starting our mower!

I made a happy discovery in the backyard, while cutting the grass - a healthy bleeding heart plant!!!  In the fall, I hope to divide it and plant some of it in front of the condo. I'd been dreaming of getting a few bleeding hearts for the front, but didn't want to buy them.


Here is an amazing clematis. A neighbour told me that it was planted some 30 years ago, and has been pulled out, and neglected,  over the years,but here it is!!

 This neighbour and another neighbour joined me to chat while I was planting the pansies, and explained that clematis are generally difficult to grow here - we discussed giving it more water and some dirt, but in the end they laughingly suggested benign neglect, as it has done so well on it's own resources. Still, I think it deserves some attention. :)

I do plan to spend more time weeding, and giving more TLC to the plants in the front of our building. I think there may be some milkweed though, and will look this up, and if it is plan to leave it to grow for any monarchs that may use it for laying eggs. If it isn't I might even look for milkweed to transplant somewhere in our backyard.

Well, thanks for following along here with me. How is June beginning where you are? This evening has been humid, with thunderstorms predicted. I have my windows open and can hear such glorious bird songs, including some quite loud chirk-chirk-chirking of blackbirds awhile ago.





Teri Casper said...

A delightful happy post Brenda. Your initiative to beautify your condos is wonderful.
Plant the flowers.
Meet the neighbors.
Learn the news.
Enjoy the outdoors.

Just delightful!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for this comment!
Being outdoors does really lift one's spirits!
This morning I enjoyed a walk by our lake, and may have found true milkweed.
I hope you have a nice June as well!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I have googled milkweed, today, and realize that my weed isn't this. I took a great walk near our lake where we have some natural park, and may have found milkweed. I'll go back tomorrow to look again, possibly it would be okay for me to bring 1 or 2 home, as they are growing wild everywhere there.

sandy said...

You did find some treasures!
I enjoy working outdoors and so I understand the satisfaction feel after your efforts.

Flowers add so much to the look of a place.
Happy June, Brenda!!

Geraldine said...

I agree with Teri a delightful post Brenda.

You can never go wrong with pansies! I love their "little faces" . I loved seeing the bleeding heart plant too, aren't those a treat?

Well done keeping the yard there looking wonderful and fresh. And I agree about a Prairie summer, it's always a welcome return. And what wonders people do there, in the short summers they can be, in their yards and gardens. A feast of color and blooms!

Happy Week, G :<)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there!
As well as being satisfying, I find that I sleep well after working outdoors.
Have a really good week!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, Ger,
You have a good week too!

The Boston Lady said...

Love all your pictures and observations Brenda! I too like to mow, I think it is because you get instant results, kind of like vacuuming. Not crazy about weeding and I'm not a very good gardener, but I can see you have an eye for pretty flowers and know your plants (save the milkweed). I had a good batch of milkweed here one year and we got so many Monarch butterflies hatching from their crysalises (I know that isn't spelled right). My kids were quite young and it was so fun to see the different stages they went through.

Hope your week is wonderful!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Ann,
Thanks for reading and your comments.

Yes, that does sound like fun, with the Monarchs!
Your kids would have loved watching this, I'll bet!
I hope you have a great week too!

I'm back to work this week, but at a new job, long story, but I think it will be a good change.
I'm just happy to get the ok, to get back working, from my Doc.
Brenda :)

kj said...

Brenda, I've got to get mysel to bed but I wanted to tell you all will be well with your new job! I just know it

I'll be back tomorrow or soon to read this colorful post

Breathe and enjoy the journey :-$


Magyar said...

__Just a few words, over the fence.
__A very happy time... when you smile at the flowers, and they smile back. Enjoy!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well, thanks so much, for this happy surprise.
Finding ths small poem was a delight!
Many thanks, Magyar!

Geraldine said...

Just sent you an ecard. Hope it was a good week for you.

It's suppose to be only 9C here today!!!! Amazing.

Take care and BFN, G