Monday, June 11, 2012

Herbert and Arthur

Awhile back, in early January I wrote a post about Herbert my ginger tabby cat, describing him as a patient, accepting older cat - The Boss. At the time I felt that my younger cat, Arthur tended to defer to Herb. Lately however, I have noticed more pushing of the limits by Artie, and I find myself wondering if he is growing up, and needing to challenge the hierarchy.

If Herbert is snoozing in a favourite spot, Arthur will often jump up and attempt to take the spot over. Herbert will often just move to a new place, or sometimes they will end up sharing.

I have a sense that it is better for me not to interfere, as the cats will work things out. Herbert is no pushover and weighs several pounds more than Arthur.

As well they sometimes seem to become more serious in their play together than I like to see, with definite hissing, and fur flying. Arthur is quicker and more agile, but Herb definitely has an advantage in being able to hold him down if needed.

Once this past month I did intervene  and put Arthur in a closed bedroom for a cooling off time, as Herbert seemed tired and harrassed by the fighting.

For the most part the cats are happy together. I often see them grooming one another, and they often will choose to sleep near to one another. I think it must be abit of maturing on the part of Arthur, that causes him to try to best his older friend.


Teri Casper said...

Yes nature will have it's way. I see my grand dogs doing the same kind of thing with the younger asserting herself more. Keeps life interesting doesn't it.


sandy said...

Even animals must have grumpy days.
I see the same behavior in my friend's cats.
Do you notice that the weather affects your cats?
Up here, cats seem act crazy before a snow storm, but I have not noticed that in dogs.

The Boston Lady said...

I am impressed that they will sit together and groom each other! My cats never groomed each other! Arthur must be trying to stage a coup, I think. I love the picture with him on the chair with his legs hanging out. My cats have always been females, maybe they are not as tolerant of each other as the boys are. We have at times had four cats under one roof and it was always interesting to see that it was not always the oldest who was boss. Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I enjoy watching them, they can be very cute and entertaining.
But, I agree, it's best to let them work things out between them.
Thanks for your visit, it's always nice to see you've been by. :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandy,
My cats don't seem to act up with weather changes; but in the winter they do seem to slow down, and sleep more.
Thanks for your visit, I always appreciate your comments. :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Yes, these two boys groom one another alot. My sister, claims that the males tend to be nurturers, and maybe she's on to something. :)
I do think Art is wanting to be boss - it's hard for me sometimes not to step in, but for the most part Herbert doesn't seem all that worried.
Last week I saw the sweetest kitten, with huge ears, and stripes - he was waiting to be adopted, and if I had more space here, I would have loved to bring him home. I thought it might give the boys a "baby" to look nurture.
(One day I'll post a picture of them in a grooming session).
Thanks for your visit!

Geraldine said... cute. Having had 4 cats at one time for many years, I can totally relate to the jossling for top rank! But they adjusted and in time were all the best of friends for many, many happy years. When I got Lois (last of the bunch and youngest) she was a "street scrapper" from a way back and liked to wack the other cat's faces, especially our lovely Tasha, who was so docile. Eventually, with breaks from each other, they came to a truce. they are truly amazing creatures to observe. Sometimes to learn from too.

Mr. Cheddar sends a big headbonk to all of you. He's been catching spiders lately, tiny little ones. Yuck...but he seems to love them!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Ger,
Thanks for your visit, I do think sometimes the boys benefit from some time apart, if things get too serious. I tend to worry about Herbert as he's older, and is such an accepting animal. Arthur however is generally quite amiable, and often the two get along.
I am going to post some photos today of the two sleeping side-by-side contentedly.

Hey, Mr. Ched, Thanks for that headbonk!
Headbonks from Herb and Art!
Here's a hug for you and your Meowmie!