Friday, December 30, 2011

Herbert and Arthur have been up to a few hijinx - and we want to wish you a very happy new year too!

It's the second last day of 2011, and I always tend to feel a need to clean house, and even cupboards, to get ready for the new year. This year I am off work, and so have been moving at a more relaxed pace, sleeping in abit, and taking more time as well to play with my two cats Herbert and Arthur.

This morning, H and A were telling me it was time for their breakfast at 5:00. A little grumpily and sleepily, I got their breakfast and headed back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. Later in the morning after coffee, and some time spent reading I went to make my bed, to find my two companions just waking up from some shut eye.

Paul and I went out for some errands, and a coffee at a favourite coffee shop. It was nice to have a chance to touch base with Paul, as his schedule has been quite full, teaching high school science. He was surprised by the amount of grading teachers have - basically Paul worked every evening, and most of the weekends grading student assignments this past semester! But he loves it!

We returned to the apartment with groceries. Today I also had a large paper shopping bag....

I find Herbert's body language is always pretty clear. After consolidating his temporary ownership of the bag, he chose to turn his back on me.

I took these two pictures of Arthur, while he was trying to play with the strap on the end of my camera. I took alot of unsuccessful shots of my knee, and the floor, before finally capturing abit of him. :)

Here they are taking a rest - sometimes they remind me of majestic lions out on the savannahs of Africa. Paul has mentioned this at times, too - as though our thoroughly domesticated cats might share some of the body language, and habits of their much larger, wilder cousins. Hmmm...would you agree?

I believe it may be a Scottish tradition to clean one's home and closets out before the start of the new year. It seems to me like a good custom, sweeping out the old year so to speak. So, tomorrow morning I will continue to do abit of this (within reason) :), and also plan to make an apple pie. This isn't a new year's tradition, I just have wanted to do this for awhile, and  so will make time for this then. I also plan a long walk, with some time for reflection and relaxation. What special ways do you find to say goodbye to the old year?

I would like to offer you sincere wishes for health, and joy in 2012 my friends. My life has become so much bigger, and richer through getting to know you.
Hugs, Brenda

Headbonks to our feline friends from H and A!!


Teri C said...

Brenda! What an absolutely delightful post!!! I loved every picture and every word.
I am so happy I met you this year.
Happy day to you.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, and I as well am very happy to have met you.You are a thoroughly amazing woman, artist, and human being!!
Thanks for all the encouragement, and friendly words, Teri.
Here's to a good new year!

The Boston Lady said...

Brenda, I just loved these shots of "the boys". There is nothing more entertaining for a cat than an empty paper bag or box. I agree about them resembling the big cats - especially in the summertime when the heat makes them lengthen their bodies more and their strides become slower and more primal.

I have some Scot in me as well on my father's side, but I've been lazy and only taken down the tree and tidied up a bit. Must be the Swedish side telling me to relax and it will all be there tomorrow.

Best wishes for the upcoming new year.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I too just find the body language of cats so interesting to watch. I've lived with dogs as well, and one of the most significant differences I've discovered living with cats, is their silence. Cats communicate so much with their bodies, rarely making a sound.

Wishing you happiness and health in the new year!

Anonymous said...

I will bet that those two keep you busy. Aren't they pretty?
Happy New Year!

BTW, I get the same cleaning urge.

Geraldine said...

Wonderful way to end your first year in the blogworld Brenda. And I agree, a clean home is the way to start the new year too, although I can't say I found the time or energy to accomplish that today! Your cats are so adorable, wow those are some fangs on Herbert!

I wish you a great year full of good experiences and surprises too!

Thank you for your kind words over at MRLR, they are appreciated.

Cheers!!! G

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Sandy,
Thanks for dropping by!
I really enjoy your interesting comments, and your amazing photography, at both of your blogs.
Thank you for taking time to read over here!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Geraldine, Thanks, for these comments!They are appreciated.
I do seem to catch Herbert with his mouth open quite abit. :)
All the very best to you too!

Olive Cooper said...

They are darling and it is so good they play together. Clovis is so rotten he will not have another cat around. Happy New Year, Olive

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Herbert is the older cat, and I adopted him from the Humane Socity as an adult cat, and he has always just been a very congenial animal, he accepted a new dog, and Arthur, with no problem. He just set the mood for the other animals. He's the "Boss", but in a good way:).

I actually think he'd even show Clovis, it's okay to share the space. :)

But Clovis also sounds like a sweetheart, and it sounds like he is steadfast in his devotion. :)

Happy New Year, Olive, and thanks for reading here.

Tess Michaels said...

Hi Brenda, thanks for your visit. The wood is spotted gum (an Australian Native hardwood) although a lot of contractors will try and use the cheap and nasty Merbau, which is unsustainable and harvested from the Indonesian rainforests. I take the view you can't claim to be eco-aware and follow unethical practices in building playspaces. In answer to your other question I designed all the playgrounds and am working with a really lovely contractor who understands the nature concept. I think the wood stain/paint he used is Sikkens? although the wood needs to be maintained annually. You might be interested in Garden Maintenance for playspaces there's a link from the blog. If you want a copy let me know and I'll send you a link so you can print out.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Tess,The outdoor playspaces you design are wonderful!
As well it is great that you are eco-sensitive.
Thanks for your answers to my questions.