Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting into the Christmas spirit - slowly but surely

At the daycare center where I work, we have started to celebrate the season of Christmas. We decorated a small tree with small (unbreakable) ornaments, which get taken on and off, throughout the day. :)

I begin to feel the Christmas spirit as I watch my young children start to make their own memories, to treasure.

I also celebrate Hannukah, and Kwanza, and I don't overdo decorating our room, as that can be abit stress inducing for some children, and I like to be sensitive to cultural diversity within the center. Interestingly I usually find all families, no matter what cultural background enjoy some of our simple ways of marking the season.

I first felt the tug of the Christmas spirit, on last Friday when we wrote a group letter to Santa. Here in Canada children can write Santa, and very busy Christmas elves hired by Canada Post make sure that each child receives a personal letter back from the North Pole, and Santa himself.

I didn't expect my children to be as interested in the letter activity as they were. Everyone sat around the table, and we wrote a letter, asking Santa about his reindeer; and what he does to prepare for the big flight on Christmas eve; and asking for small simple things like a teddy bear, or a star; and what Santa's favourite cookies were. And then we decorated our letter with many small, shiny stickers, and crayon drawings. The children stayed with this longer than usual, and then we put the letter in a large envelope, and made sure it got to the director who would post it for us.

The children have begun acting out Santa, and the reindeer in their play...and I come again to the knowledge that Christmas is honoured most lovingly by children.

 The two God's Eye decorations I've shared here were made by my son, many years ago, when he made them over and over again..and I bring them out every year for the small tree that my children decorate.

I plan on sharing more of our Christmas artwork in the next few days.They always make my heart glad.


Geraldine said...

Christmas and kids, that's really what it's all about! They are so good at reminding the adults about the true wonder of this season. This was a great post to read today Brenda as I feel inundated by the "rush" of ads and commercialism that are everywhere right now, it seems. Spend, spend....does that ever really make anyone happy? I don't think so. Enjoy every minute with your students. I hope that all their winter wishes come true...

sandy said...

I still have the one my daughter made when she was young.
It must be fun to work with the little ones.

Teri C said...

What a sweet and delightful post. Brings back so many sweet memories and makes me want to be young again. Kids and Christmas just go hand in hand.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Yes, I agree that children seem to really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas!
Thanks for checking in here, today!

Sandy,I do really enjoy my work. My little ones are just 2 years old, and everything seems interesting and "new" when seen through their eyes.
Thanks for reading today. I also notice that you've changed your picture - what a beautiful cardinal.:)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there Teri,
(Funny, I was just reading over at Painted Daisies) :)
Children have a natural affinity for the magic of Christmas, don't they?
Thanks for reading, and your comment!
Hugs to you,