Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life with Herbert and Arthur

Herbert watching a family of mourning doves in our lane. Yes - my cats go on the kitchen counters.
This summer when I had my vacation I enjoyed time recharging, reading, walking, and spending time with my two felines Herbert and Arthur. I think they may have enjoyed having me home more. Afternoons often involved me lying on the couch with a book, and the cats sleeping nearby. I sometimes would look up to find my youngest cat watching me intently, and in his eyes I sensed a gentle, friendly intelligence .My Herbert is older and less inquisitive, but truly a wonderful companion.

The kitchen cupboard is a great place for looking out.

Two fledgling mourning doves out my kitchen window.
This summer I observed a family of mourning doves out the kitchen window. The fledglings were fun to watch, as they would huddle together on the power lines, and sleep together in the tree in my neighbour's yard. The parents seemed to take shifts watching over them, as they slept. When the babes woke up, and the parent came down to visit, the fledglings seemed to overwhelm it, with a great fluttering of wings and soon the adult would retreat back up to the power line, or just away. Maybe the parent was seeking food for the young, at this time.Maybe the parent needed space away from the overdemanding babes.

One of the adult mourning doves sitting in watch over the sleeping fledglings. I think these two doves were awesome parents.There seemed to be always one of them on the power line watching.    
Here the cats were watching a large dragonfly on the wall next to the window. Late July, for one week we had a huge population of large dragonflies in the city. Many people commented on it, it was very significant.

The cats often seem to act in a synchronised way. Here they turned away from the window suddenly, as there was a noise outside in the apartment hallway. My son describes their movements at these times as "raptor like", and this does seem a good way to describe their quick movements. Cats are predators by instinct of course.

Arthur is looking for his favourite toy. It's feathers and beads attached to a plastic line which I run with, and he loves to follow, pounce, and practice his hunting techniques. Herbert loves this now and then too, he was a tremendous mouser as a younger cat, and still likes to chase and play.

This is Herb's favourite sleeping and lazing spot, in the sun, on this homemade cat furniture.

Just a different perspective of the cat furniture I designed, and an aquaintance built for the cats. I wanted something more stable than some of the cat trees I'd seen in stores, and that both cats could sit on at once. Arthur likes to hide in the bottom now and then.

This is the cat tree I bought used, but it's a bit tippy. Arthur still does like it.

Arthur looking adorable on the fridge.

My dear, sweet Herbert looking played out.

I think I'm lucky to live with two such lovely animals - they keep me company; and all they ask for is their meals, to be played with every day, and to be loved - and oh yes, Herbert loves being vacuumed, but that's a story for another day...


Teri C said...

Oh Brenda, what a delightful post! Your cats are so fun and I can see they give you lots of pleasure. They both have wonderful cat personalities.
Thank you for the smiles this am.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, thanks for dropping in Teri, Funny I was just looking over at Painted Daisies, while you were here.

Geraldine said...

Herbert and Arthur are lovely cats. It's true about being a pet owner, all they ask for is love and kindness and they give so much to us in return. Sad that some people don't provide them with that but I think the majority of pet owners are responsible people. I hope that's the case.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks Ger,
Yes, I agree with you that the majority of people are responsible pet owners, just as truly the majority of people are good, generous, and responsible in all aspects of their lives. I think sometimes we have the impression that the world is a dangerous place filled with frightening or careless people, because the media gives us these stories, minute by minute, as news. The good stories rarely get noticed. I love the stories about animal heroics and there are actually many instances of these. Sometimes I think we could learn much from animals about how to live decently.