Monday, November 12, 2012

More snow

Well, here on the prairies, we have have had a winter storm this weekend, resulting in about 30 cm. of snow. Arthur is unhappy that he can't see out the living room window.

Here is a better picture of this window, showing the snow piled up against the pane.

Today was a day off work, for many people, due to Remembrance Day falling on Sunday. I went for coffee with a friend. The coffee shop was bustling, and the streets were full of traffic. The roads were in poor shape, and some city transit buses became stuck, but still many people seem to have ventured out. The temperature was very mild, so it was a nice day off.

Last weekend, I picked up an anticipated parcel at the post office - two coffee mugs, created by Teri Casper, and featuring our favourite celebrity blogger, Mr. Cheddar. Teri, has the wonderful artist blog, Teri's Painted Daisies, and is an all around lovely person. Mr. Cheddar, a handsome, big, orange cat,  is a big favourite with Herb and Artie. :) His mom, is Geraldine, a friend, and blogger of great energy. Geraldine always has an interesting project or two on the go, and authors four blogs, one called Veggies, Yarn, and Tales.

I love these mugs, and like the orange and lime colours I chose. Here are two close up pictures of this mug.

I gave one of these lovely mugs as a gift to a friend, and she was so pleased to receive this, as she has heard about the  handsome, and witty Chedster .I ordered these from Teri's " Zazzle shop".  I plan to order a few more gifts from her work in the future.

Yesterday, I made a delicious soup recommended by Geraldine, from her wonderful blog, Veggies, Yarn, and Tales - a Black Bean Soup.
The recipe calls for vegetables, vegetable soup stock, prepared black beans, and stewed tomatoes. I didn't have stewed tomatoes, so used fresh.

I added pasta to the soup, and used rice pasta. For the past two months I've been eating gluten free, as suggested by my doctor. I have found that it is quite easy to manage.There is a wide variety of rice noodles, and various breads, available. I would like to make my own bread but have been able to buy tasty, homemade style bread at a gluten free bakery in the city.

So, just to leave you with some pictures of the cats settling in for the night, and wishing you a good week ahead! (Can you tell where Arthur is in the pictures?)
Thanks for reading!


kj said...

you sound comfy and cozy, ready for winter. you can enjoy teri's mug every day, how nice!

no snow here in my land yet and i'm not ready :^)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well, hi, there, kj!
It's always nice to have you drop by.
I didn't feel ready for the snow either, but it has a way of growing on a person here. After awhile we seem to forget what it is like in summer.
I hope you didn't feel the effect Sandy?

Teri Casper said...

Wow Brenda, that is a LOT of snow. It does make for beautiful,scenery doesn't it. If only it didn't come with the cold.

Oh gee, those cups turned out neat (if I may say so :). I like your choice of colors. You need to fill those babies up with coffee or tea and stay warm. Then add in some delicious recipes from Geraldine and you are set.

Hugs to you my friend.

The Boston Lady said...

Arthur, the bed lump! My cats have been known to do that over the years. I love those mugs, Brenda,, so cute and clever. And your soup sounds wonderful and tasty. Sounds like you had a nice day off and I wish you a nice week ahead! Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, Teri,
I love the mugs, they are just right, and I am having a cup of coffee just now in mine. :)
I am with you about the snow, we do get very cold temps here, but this last few days have been very nice. There's nothing to beat a sunny, warm day with lots of snow. However some of my little guys, cried this morning when they couldn't walk easily in the piles of snow. It does take practise!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Yes, Arthur likes to hide under the covers, and will stay there for some time.
Wishing you a nice week as well, and I'm hoping your heat is back on, Ann.