Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crow and Kitten are Friends

Crows are my favourite bird, and so I tend to read, and listen to anything I come across about  this social , and intelligent bird. I found the story of Walter the crow, which I posted previously here, so interesting. The story describes a perfect match between humans and Walter. He was lucky to be rescued by this particular family.

The next story, I have found is about how a crow nurtures, and bonds with a kitten.It is truly lovely.
These two small creatures provide a good lesson in how to be friends.
I hope you might enjoy this!.  :)


Teri Casper said...

Isn't nature grand?!!!!!!
Thanks for finding and sharing this.

The Boston Lady said...

Oh wow Brenda, this brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen anything like that. We can all learn a lesson from these two. Thanks for sharing. Ann

Geraldine said...

Oh Mr. Cheddar was VERY impressed with this!!! I loved when the crow is feeding the kitten. ;<)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, just a reply here to each of you.
(I was abit preoccuppied this week, first watching the American election until 12:30 a.m. Tuersday - I didn't stay awake for the speeches, just too tired. I am preszently sick at home with what seems to be the seasonal flue. I had planned on getting the flue shot, but here in Saskatchewan there was a glitch, and the flue clinics closed for a week. Hmm...)

Anyways, I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I know it was long, but so lovely indeed. It was nice to see Canadian, Alan Thicke as narrator - he is a favourite actor of both me and Paul, who liked watching the sitcom, Growing Pains.

Mr. Ched, might enjoy watching, Herb and Art didn't watch this, although I do think Artie might find the crow scary - he seems fascinated by the swooping of crows outside the window, but always ducks. He seems to think crows are pretty big.