Friday, January 20, 2012

A Crochet cover for my Kindle

My thoughtful son, Paul gave me a wonderful gift at Christmas - a Kindle. This is so like him, he has always planned and carried out thoughtful gifts for me.
I hadn't thought of purchasing a Kindle, and I do love books - but I wondered if he had this in mind in the fall, when he started talking to me about Kindles.

Paul felt I should have it the week before Christmas, and gave it to me then - in our small 2 person family, we have been pretty informal about the process of gift giving, we're not too hung up about the where and when.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading on the Kindle - it took me abit of time to get used to reading books on the screen, but I have found that with time, the experience is no different from reading a paper book.The kindle just recedes into the background, for me.

So, I decided that to protect the Kindle, I would order a cover, and chose one through Amazon, made by Eforcity in light blue, for only $6.95, which was within my personal budget for accessories, and a surprisingly good price.

Before it arrived I decided to make a crochet cover for the time being. I used some yarn I had - and think it turned out well.

After starting on my project, I decided to search other ideas for Kindle covers on Google. My favourite one was at a wonderful and friendly blog called Mama's Little Monkeys. Amy's cover was like mine, but she crocheted hers in one piece (which I decided to do as well, after reading her blog post); she used a more complicated stitch; and she lined hers with felt, as well.

I enjoyed reading at her blog and plan to visit often. I'm so sorry, I still don't know how to share by way of making a link - so I am posting her tutorial following this post.

The Kindle book cover arrived last week, and it seems to work good. I understand there is some concern that some covers could damage the screen, this one seems fine.

I use the crochet cover as a "sweater" to protect it from the very cold temperatures when I take it to work on the bus. :)

Arthur is fascinated by anything that I give my attention to, and here he is taking a good look.

The first book I purchased and read was "Magic Hour", by Kristen Hannah, and I found this a very good read. Hannah is a very good writer, and I plan to read more of her books. Since then I've read 3 1/2 more books which is actually more than I have been reading lately.I used to be quite a fast reader, but this year I had slowed down. Not this month though.

Presently I am enjoying the newest  book by a very favourite writer, Gish Jen, called "Town and Country".
I enjoy being able to search for books with the Kindle store, and have found the newest books from writers I love. As well there is an extensive free collection of Kindle books, and I've downloaded some old favourites. I'm looking forward to rereading "Little Women", which is the first book I remember reading as a child, and truly loved.

Umm - my two "Guardians of the computer" - or my Muses,  or whatever...I can't write my posts without them. Generally Herbert rests  his substantial head on my right wrist while I type, while Arthur loses interest quickly and goes away to sleep.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Happy Chinese New Year!

If you would like to read Amy's pattern for a crochet Kindle cover, just continue reading below!


Teri C said...

Oh YAH Brenda, you got a Kindle! What a thoughtful gift from Paul. I know how much you love it. Those free books from Amazon can really stack up fast.
I also love Kristen Hannah's books.
Love your little 'jacket', so clever.

And of course,I love your helpers! They look so helpful and sweet.

Geraldine said...

You did a great job with the crochet cover Brenda, very nice. And so much better than the store bought varieties. The cats DO look impressed!!!

I tried a Kindle a couple of times but I found it too slow to enjoy reading a book. I'm a very fast reader and the paper kind of book still appeals most of all. But these readers certainly are popular. Enjoy!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I really am enjoying this form of reading more than I thought I might.
I do love the free books, and if not careful would download the complete library! :)

A thoughtful, smart, woman I know, (a parent of one of the children I teach), and who also holds a PHD in Computer science, made a great statement about the free library, and the rich selection of books, "It makes you feel rich".:)

I plan to download the complete works of Shakespeare, as I've always wanted to read all his works, and I know I will then feel rich.

I chose to read the Kristen Hannah, after reading your review of Magic Hour, on Goodreads. I plan to read more!

Thanks for reading here,
Happy Weekend!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Geraldine,
It's always so nice to see you've dropped by!!!

Thanks for the compliment for the kindle "sweater", really it is so simple, I would feel cheated to pay money for one.
I LOVE the cover,Amy, at "Mama's little Monkeys" crocheted, and I was amazed at all the patterns I found when I searched on Google.

I did take a trial subscription of The Globe and Mail, and chose not to subscribe. I do prefer the whole experience of newspaper reading, turning the large pages, and the pictures, and even the advertisements...and the Kindle version left out too many articles, and as well was the Toronto edition, with little news of western Canada.So I still purchase the Saturday paper, with all the western news, and then I do recycle it.

Herbert and Arthur, are hoping that Mr. Cheddar, their favourite feline blogger, will visit us some day!
They asked me to say Way to Go!, for winning the photo contest!
High 4's Chedster!!!
They send Head bonks!!!

It's been so nice that you've visited now and then this month, as I've missed your blog posts!
Happy Weekend!

BTW, I plan to drop in tomorrow at Take a Happy Break, for your post!

Anonymous said...

I got one, too!
Both covers are nice.
My husband got me basic black!!

The Boston Lady said...

Brenda, I love that crocheted cover! What a great idea. My Kindle cover came while I was gone on vacation, so now I am enjoying the protection it provides. I cannot tell you how easily I adjusted to the Kindle. I was the one kicking and screaming about not wanting to give up "real" books, etc., but I find that reading on the Kindle is actually easier on my eyes and as you said, I'm picking it up more often to do so.

It was great while I was travelling. I was able to keep up with some favorite TV shows when I couldn't sleep at night and I have found a new one I am enjoying from PBS - Downtown Abbey. Kindle let me download the first season free and it's been a treat.

I am curious about the keyboard you have. Is that an extra part? Or am I seeing the picture wrong? My Kindle's keyboard is onscreen.

Have fun!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well I think black is always nice!! :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I still have abit of a reservation about the e-book, but I as well feel there are lots of pluses. I HAVE been reading more - I'm taking it to work, and reading over noon break. And it is a plus for the environment as well, I believe.
Thanks for your kind reply to my comments on your wonderful blog, Ann. I loved seeing the pictures of your trip, as well as your friendly tone.
The Kindle I have is called Kindle Keyboard, and that's the way it's made. (Paul thought it would be easier for me, as I'm such a novice with computers.) (And he was right!) :)
Wishing you a good weekend! Hope you and your family are recovering well from that nasty cold!

Mr. Cheddar said...

Heh there Herbert and Arthur, It's the Chedster on a blog-visit. Thanks you guys about the contest. I got a very BIG basket to take apart and some cool stuff to play with and lots of good eats too. Meowmie has stashed some of the food bags, I can't imagine why she thought THAT was necessary...SNORT!!! Pray tell, who would overeat, not me!!!

You guys are looking so fine in these pics. I hope it's a rockin' week for you there and do make sure to take some of that yarn your mom is working with and do something absolutely naughty with it. One of my fav things, when I get the chance. Meowmie doesn't stand a chance when I start "helping" her with a new yarn project. She's got some Fair Isle sweater plan in the works right now, appears to be rather complicated from what the humans have mentioned. I plan to help with that a LOT!!! Snort.

Headbonks x 2, The Ched!!!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Mr. Chedder!
Thanks for visiting Ched, we've missed your sweet face, and interesting news.
That basket of goodies sounds great, and well deserved too!!!
(H and A want me to say, that they would never say such a silly thing as "We've missed your sweet face")..... "fierce, bug warrier face", maybe, but not "sweet".... yech...OOPS! - Herbert took over the keyboard for a minute, sorry.
Anyways, dear, sweet, handsome Ched, be good, and stay out of the yarn, okay?
H and A send Headbonks!
Here's a great big Hug,

Geraldine said...

PS: I sent you an email this morning from my gmail acct.

Mr. Cheddar completely understands the baby talk LOL, I call him gorgeous and pretty boy all the time! He is NOT impressed but I think secretly, he kinda likes it too!!!

Happy Week, G :<)

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks so much for sharing my pattern! I do hope you (and others) enjoy. I LOVE my kindle, I have read SO much more since I got it! :)

Side note, my husband's name is Paul :)


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment!

I love that you offer such interesting tutorials for free, and your friendly blog. I've found several crocheters and think it's nice that people still enjoy creating handmade items for their families, and themselves.

Paul is a great name! :)