Saturday, January 14, 2012

The games we played, and an amusing video of Bob Newhart

I enjoyed reading the post for today at "Teri's  Painted Daisies". Teri wrote that she has taken up the game of Bridge.

This brought happy memories back to me of playing various games with my family back in the 70's.

We did play Bridge, as well as Hearts, and Gin, and as well board games were played, when my brothers would have their friends over. At this time Mom was a single Mom, and the three of us still lived at home. We were all welcome to have friends over, and everyone would often stay up well into the early hours of the morning. Often my Grandma would join us -everyone would be smoking, and talking, and generally cold cuts and buns would be offered as a snack.What a  precious gift Mom provided to us - a home where everyone felt comfortable to spend time. In those days of course there were no cell phones or video games, or even the pc; and so we provided our own entertainment.(I remember my parents, and grandparents making similar statements, about television and how they didn't have tv; and how they entertained themselves).

My youngest brother was very good at playing chess, he participated in various chess tournaments, and traveled all over Canada, and abit into the States as well, as a young boy. Once he and a friend staged a chess marathon for 48 hours to publicize their Chess Club. They played time chess, in the store window of Simpsons downtown. I recall, Mom and I driving over to bring them their suppers.

In memory of these fun times, I though it would be fitting to share this video from Youtube of a Bob Newhart clip from his t.v. show. The era of the show seems appropriate to the time I am recalling.We watched both Newhart programs at home, along with several other good sitcoms, and family shows.
I plan to share a few other of the Newhart videos in some future posts. I think he is a great humourist. His colleague, Bill Daily is wonderful in this clip, too.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Geraldine said...

I was a big fan of this show, what fun! I never was a fan of Bridge though, too complicated for me. Poker, now that was a different story. LOL

Hope all is well. Enjoy the winter wonderland!

Ched sends headbonks to the guys. He's in the lead in the contest, it's the last day to vote so paws-crossed that he's the winner!!!!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there my friend!
Geraldine, I have been thinking of you AND the Ched.
We wish we were on Facebook, only so we could vote for Mr. Ched, but hey, it sounds like he is in the lead.
I visited each of your blogs today, looking for news of his news.
Since you are a fan of Bob Newhart, I WILL post one more video, this evening or tomorrow.
It is looking pretty here with our sudden snow fall.
Thinking of you, and wishing you a productive month!

Hey there, Chedster!
We both have our paws crossed for you to win this photo contest. You are so photogenic, and as well just an all around good guy!
Headbonks, Big Guy!
H and A

Teri C said...

That video is great. I always loved watching him. What great memories you have of your home life. I'm glad my bridge took you back there.
And now I am off to learn more about bridge! lol

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for dropping in!!
Happy Bridge!!!

Geraldine said...

Just stopping in before starting supper here. It's cold and snowy with more snow on the way!

Mr. Cheddar says thank you re: the win! He is enjoying the new mouse he got in his LARGE gift basket of goodies. I'll be posting some pics of him opening his prize, when I get back to blogging on a regular basis. I am providing the OSI prompt at Happy Break this Sunday, so I do have a post scheduled for then. Novel going very well!!!

Happy Weekend, G