Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Crochet Baby Blanket, a New Camera, and Easter Day

I have been able to purchase a new camera, my first digital, and so I've spent this afternoon, learning and experimenting with posting my photos here, and on my early childhood blog..Last evening when my son and I came home with the new camera, we thought we had a problem with the software, but today I tried again, and presto!, it worked. So I've posted photos of Herbert, and Arthur and also an old childhood photo. (I am the child on the right who looks abit opinionated.) :) 

I've spent a quiet Easter Day - my son is working at his part time job in a pizza restaurant, and I am enjoying finishing up projects, taking pictures, etc., and have had my windows open, listening to the sounds of birds, as to CBC  radio (public broadcasting), Sunday programming which I always find interesting.

I finally have finished sewing in the ends of the baby blanket I've been working on since January, so thought I'd post this. Geraldine, at Take a Happy Break, recently wrote a good post on the joy of knitting and crocheting, and encouraged her  readers to post any thing we may have been working on, so this is for you Ger! The colours don't show as vividly as they really are.They're really a bright aqua background with  variegated squares. Any way, it will be great to parcel it up and mail it! This afternoon I've begun a new baby blanket for a friend of my son who lives in Montreal.This one should be a quicker project, with just a simple single crochet pattern. I think it's quite pretty with variegated tones of brown, grey, aqua, and cream.

It's been a quiet, comfortable kind of day. So restful.


Teri C said...

Gee, I left a comment an dour ago and it's not here. Darn it.

I love that you have a new camera so we get to 'meet' Herbert and Arthur and what grand-looking cats they are.

Good that you had the day to get acquainted with the camera and software. Oh the fun you will have now!! And then we get to enjoy it also.

Abbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I got no kind of rest or quiet time yesterday, all outdoor play and work but a great day still.
Blanket looks beautiful! Great work.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi there Teri, Hope all's going swimmingly with your travel plans, and you meet fair weather on your journey home!
Thanks for the comments, the picture taking IS fun! I do rather think the cats are pretty grand!

Abbie, sounds like you had a really good day, and I can just imagine all the fun you had outdoors!
Thanks for your comments.

It's always nice to see both of you drop by!! :)

Geraldine said...

The blanket is lovely and yes, I love when friends and blog buds share their work online, so inspiring too. It's hard sometimes to get a good shot indoors, I always prefer natural light but sometimes that's not an option, especially on cloudy, dark days. I like the colors in the blanket, I'm sure it's very pretty.

Happy Sunday Brenda and hugs to you and the boys!