Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some pictures of our record snowfall, and just a small update on my news

We have had a reported record breaking snowfall in the city I live.
I took this photo today. Here is a snowman of approximately 3 feet, just peeking over a snowbank in his yard.

Apparently the record for most snow over the winter, here in Regina, Saskatchewan was made in 1955 - 56, interestingly to me the year I was born. I wonder if the snowfall was more generous for the years following that record making year, as my early childhood memories are of lots of snow to play in.
This is an easement between houses which I take, as a shortcut to my bus stop. The line of footprints you see just to the left of the fence, are made by me, and one other person, and their dog. I prefer this shortcut, as it takes me under 3 minutes to get from home to the bus stop. :) Before finding this shortcut, I walked several blocks in the cold, for about 15 minutes. Brrrr.

I haven't found an accurate number for the amount of snow we have had this year, but in the 1955-56 year they had 194.6 cm. or just over 6 feet of snow. It seems it is hard to find an accurate number for the snowfall this year as it depends on the actual reporting station, but at one faithful reporting station run by volunteers, at SIAST, which is our college for technological sciences, including nursing, early childhood education, and other sciences, last week it was recorded that there was at that place still 52 centimetres of snow on the ground. However, the real amount of snow fallen is over the 1955 record of 6 feet.

Today the temperature was quite mild, and the squirrels are enjoying the reprieve. I enjoy walking by this neighbour's yard with her array of bird feeders. I had to be careful to catch this picture, the squirrel flew away once he noticed me.

This is just a view of the backyard of the apartment building down from mine.
This is where Paul, my son will park today, once the truck moves, and he arrives for his Easter visit, from Calgary.
I feel a sense of accomplishment, as I near 6 months in my new job, which has required a certain amount of ingenuity, and good luck in finding rides. Working just out of the city, I have needed to take a bus to a certain point, and then catch rides with co-workers.

Presently I catch a ride with a woman who works the same shift as I, and has done an amazing job of driving in difficult road, and weather conditions.  

I have also completed my class in Programming for Infants, and Toddlers, and feel good about this. The course load was quite demanding in terms of the amount of assignments required. However, it was worth it, as I have learned new things, and also felt reinforced for the things I already do in my work.

So, that's all for my news really. I am presently just waiting for my son to arrive, as he called to let me know he's in the city. The road conditions were reported to be good through Alberta, but it looked like there was blowing and drifting snow, once in Saskatchewan, so I'll be interested to hear how his drive was.

Wishing any who read here, a good week ahead, and a Happy Easter!


The Boston Lady said...

You did a wonderful job of showing the amount of snow you have had, Brenda and then comparing the amou nt to the record snowfalls.

It is amazing to me that where you live isn't paralyzed into inactivity, but then I remember my years growing up in Canada and how everyone "just did it" and carried on no matter.

Have a wonderful time during Paul's visit. And I hope, like the squirrels must, that spring is just around the corner. Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks for your visit, Ann.
There is something indeed so true, in what you say about how we just keep doing what needs to be done. There was one actual day which saw very few people out, that one could call it a "snow" day.
Most people tend to just shrug, and say, "It's winter - what else can we expect?".
BTW, Paul has now arrived safely, and it's great to have him here for this time. :)

Teri Casper said...

Holey moley Brenda, that is a LOT of snow!! I remember when I grew up in Superior, WI there was a ton of snow also but not so much now. funny how the weather is.
Big congratulations on your successful classes.
Happy Easter to you and Paul. Have a wonderful visit and holiday with him.

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

That is serious snow! We have had quite a bit in our village set atop Wiltshire, which has finally melted but the North of England is buried much deeper. Stay warm and enjoy Easter! Minerva ~

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, there, Teri, and Minerva,
Thanks so much for dropping in!! :)

It's interesting how the weather seems to come in cycles, and we do seem to generally have less snow than over 50 years ago.

There is something special about a big snow year I think, and the kids love it.

Happy Easter to you both,

kj said...

no more snow, brenda, right?

i think my yard is officially done. i am jubilant. i'm moving on to pansies and dafodils :^)

congratulations on your achievements. i hear well deserved pride!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

It's nice to see you've been here.
Hopefully we will have no further snowfall, however we have had it in May and June, in years past, on rare occasions. :)
How lovely to be planting flowers, where you live.
Happy Easter,

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