Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just a little update

Our weather here in Saskatchewan is bitterly cold this weekend. The temperature has been staying near -42 Celsius with the windchill.We have also experienced record setting snowfalls. However most of us in this city seem to have become acclimatized to the cold and carry on with running errands, going for coffee, and many good, hardy souls also keep their walks shoveled.

I  find that shoveled walks makes such a difference to me, as I have a three block walk to my bus stop.Somehow, even though, it is still dark out when I come home from work, and extremely cold, just being able to walk safely, and easily on the sidewalks all the way home, feels encouraging.

My weekend was busy, with a 5 hour staff meeting on Saturday, and then lunch and shopping with a good friend, today. I've become much used to commuting out to work, there is something fine, and almost courageous about our little daycare out in this small town.About half of the 26 employees live in outlying towns and villages, and the rest of us live in the city. We all must drive some distances on the highway every day, and somedays the driving has been quite dangerous. Sadly 2 weeks ago, there was a traffic fatality, just the next junction from us, and traffic was held up. Our employer was so good at making sure staff left early, as she slowly sent people home through the afternoon.

Last week I was home sick with the flue, and spent my time sleeping, reading, and viewed a few movies on my computer, through Netflix.

The movie I enjoyed the most was Darling Companion, with Diane Keaton, and Kevin Kline. It's a simple, sweet story of the impact one small rescued dog has on a family.

I also watched two shows from the old Fawlty Towers series, with John Cleese. This was a favourite of mine years ago. I plan to continue to watch these. I think they are still very good, and really funny.

I enjoyed reading The Roundhouse, by Louise Erdrich, which is her latest, and won the National Book Award this past year. I have read almost all her adult books, (she also writes books for children), and I never fail to be pulled right in by her amazing storytelling ability, into stories of pain, but also illuminated with wisdom and redemption.

The other book I am reading is The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown, a social work professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. I chose the book when I came upon it in a bin at the grocery store. First the name appealed to me, and second, the book appeared to be based on research by someone who seemed to be a solid professional. So far I'm liking what this author writes about accepting and embracing being imperfect, and through this being worthy, or good enough. According to the back of the book, her work has been the subject of two TED talks so I think I'll look for these.

I've chosen a new profile pic, for the start of a new year. I was blessed with a mother who, among many wonderful things, loved to take pictures, so I've a good selection of pictures to choose. I like the picture I've used, as it makes me happy, to think that I was once this exuberant, and delightful child.

  I'm beginning to feel good about 2013, and look forward to what it may hold. This coming Saturday, I begin a course in Programming for Infants and Toddlers - taking it over 6 weeks. And when that course is complete I'm thinking of another, possibly on Observing Young children.

Herbert and Arthur are well. I think they have gotten used to me at home over the last week. I know I did enjoy sleeping through the afternoons with their (relatively) little bodies curled up, one at my feet, and the other near my chin.

Soon it will be February, and our days are definitely getting longer.

Take care my friends.


The Boston Lady said...

Brenda, you are a busy woman. I hope you are feeling much better, although it sounds like you made the best of your down time. I have put that movie on my list on Netflix as it sounds so darling, although I admit animal movies really make me cry... Your two books also sound interesting and I expect the second one would be particularily interesting to you as you move forward in your profession. Actually we all could use some insight from Social Work professionals, they do such good work.

The boys surely miss you this week and your weather sounds quite challenging to me! I cannot imagine walking three blocks in that cold air!

Hope your week goes well this week and yes, I too believe 2013 holds a lot of promise. Ann

kj said...

what a hopeful receptive post, brenda. i can feel your hope! and i say you have it with good reason! sounds like your job is a community.

stay warm, my friend.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks to both of you!

Ann, there is enough humour in the movie, so that it was not overly sad. Though the start was hard.

kj, thanks as always for your caring comment!

Here's to a promising year ahead!