Friday, December 7, 2012

Preparing for the Christmas season

I have taken a long weekend for myself, and am enjoying spending this Friday morning at a more relxed pace, than I have for the past month or so. Although I am loving my new job, I have been very tired with my long days of commuting.I tend to spend the weekends, rushing around doing errands, and so haven't really felt rested.

So this next four days are a small treasure - the weather is marvelous, with a blue sky, and the sun sparkling on the snow.

Some tasks I have set myself, are to go through the storage room, and sort abit; to clean the apartment for my son's visit this Christmas; to write some Christmas cards; to work on some handmade crochet gifts for Christmas; to shop abit; and to go for some walks.

The storage room is shared with my fellow 5 tenants, and every now and then we discuss needing to organize, and possibly winnow. When I moved in two and a half years ago, I had so many boxes, some I ended up putting in my lower kitchen cupboards - lovely family china from Mom, and my grandmother, AND great grandmother; craft supplies from work; saved artwork from Paul's childhood; so this weekend, I hope to do something to downsize.

I'll be walking with a good friend, and past co-worker - she and I share a special bond, because we discovered that we not only share the same birthdate, but were born in the same hospital just hours apart. So therefor we must have been in the nursery together, and possibly our parents crossed tracks while in the hospital. This feels like a small marvel, to have run into one another over 55 years later, and to also like each other very much indeed.

Over the past two weeks I'd been finding myself overcome with feelings of loss and sadness, and dreading the Christmas season - but even after my first good night's sleep I am reminding myself of the good things in my life, and to be grateful. Maybe when we let ourselves become abit rundown, we all tend to see the glass as "half empty" rather than "half full". I have so much to be thankful for - a good job, good boss, and co-workers; a wonderful, caring son; good friends; a safe, and comfortable home; to live in a country with safe streets, and abundance; the opportunity to meet friends all around the world through the internet, and blogging; good books to read; and of course my two furry companions - Herb, and Art.

The young women I work with have been playing a Christmas cd, almost nonstop, at work, by Sarah McLaughlin, so now I carry the tunes around with me in my head. Some of the songs are so beautiful, although I must say, I find hearing the songs over and over again feels overly repetitive. However, I also can remember that when I was in my 20's I listened to a certain Joni Mitchell album constantly too. :)

I found some of the songs from this cd, called Winter Wonderland, by Sarah , on Youtube, so thought I might share a lovely version of The First Noel here.

Have a great weekend where you are. Hugs!


The Boston Lady said...

Hello Brenda, I hope your longer weekend is indeed going well and that you get in those walks with your "birth mate". How fun to have discovered this fact. You are practically twins.

Your weather sounds lovely and I picture "the boys" curled up contentedly in your apartment.

I understand those melancholy feelings as Christmas approaches. It's a hard time for many people and sometimes it's hard to rise to the occasion and be in that happy holiday spirit. I'm not quite sure where my dread and sadness stems, but I think it is from missing my parents, as they were, at Christmas when my children were young and all seemed so perfect. The holiday preparations and day's events were my responsibility after their health failed and they were unable to be very active participants. Add some unpleasant family members and drama and you have dread and sadness.

This will be my first year in about 23 years that I will not be hosting/sweating/cooking/smiling/crying and I have to say that makes me feel better. However I still struggle to come up with that holiday spirit and I hope that it will return as my new life moves forward.

My wish is that you have a peaceful, productive, enjoyable weekend and that you (like I need to) will be able to turn your focus towards the positive such as Paul's upcoming visit and enjoying the company of your walking friend. And know that I am very grateful to be your blogging friend, as you have shown me many new perspectives, new books, new music and new experiences through our correspondences. Ann

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I appreciate very much your friendship, through blogging, and your caring, and thoughtful comments always.
I know that many people have trouble with the season, and that it is perhaps good to share these feelings, and be aware that we are not alone. Then, maybe it is possible to reclaim the season for ourselves, and appreciate what we find meaningful. A number of chruches in my city seem to have a service called, "Blue Christmas", for people who have difficulty with the season due possibly to loss and bereavement. This seems like such a good idea to me.I've never attended, but just being aware of them, makes me know that it's okay to have thesse feelings.
I am so happy to hear that you will be making new traditions for yourself starting in your new home.
Thank you very much for your good advice and caring words, my friend.

Teri Casper said...

Your writing here is so relaxed that I feel relaxed also. Its the small treasures in life that make us happy and you are lucky to have the treasures and recognize them for what they are.
It is absolutely amazing to have a friend with such awesome connections right down to the hospital cribs!!!
And then there is Herb and Art, your best house buddies.
Enjoy the beauty of the season Brenda, Paul's visit and reconnection with him. Too soon it will all be over.
Thanks for setting such a relaxed tone for the weekend.
Hugs and love

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks Teri,
I am enjoying my weekend, since deciding to relax.
I've made plans with my wondeful downstairs neighbour to go to mass Xmas eve, together. This will be my first time in many years.
BTW, I've been enjoying your bird posts so much. You've helped me be observant of these wonderful creatures again. Yesterday, there was a very small pretty bird with a rosy coloured stomach, sitting just outside the doorway, when I was leaving the building. I'll need to look it up, I wonder if it was a nuthatch.
Wishing you a good weekend,
Thanks for your visit, and commenting here. :)
Hugs and love,

Teri Casper said...

I'm so happy to hear this Brenda. Birds are so delightful and so full of life. They are always doing something. I think you probably did have a nuthatch. They are so cute.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, Teri,
I have checked out nuthatches, and am still not quite sure, but I do think this little guy may have been a nuthatch. I'm not sure if his head had the markings, but he was sure cute.