Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a quiet Thanksgiving weekend

It's Canadian Thanskgiving, and I have been spending it quietly.

Vacuuming with help from Arthur. :)

And this is what our sky looked like yesterday. Here you can see that our trees have lost most of their leaves. I enjoyed raking leaves for some time yesterday, with Dorothy, my downstairs neighbour. I live in a condo, with five other apartment owners, We share the yardwork, and other general jobs, in order to keep our condo fee reasonable. We don't have a schedule, people just do the work, when they notice what needs doing. We voted to build a backyard deck this summer, and two of the younger men, and their Dad's built the deck yesterday. By the looks of the sky, this may be good timing, as it does look like snow soon!

In Saskatchewan, the look of the sky, can change frequently throughout the day. One day last week, while I was home sick with a cold, the sky started out looking rather forboding, and by afternoon was sunny, although the temperature was low.

I tried to catch a photo of the leaves falling. This day the leaves just kept falling swiftly, with the help of a good, brisk wind.


Here's a favourite song for Autumn, as performed by Eric Clapton. I love Nat King Cole's version, and there are many others as well. This version has a slightly upbeat tempo, which is nice.


Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Fall from Herbert, Arthur, and me! :)


The Boston Lady said...

My dad loved this song and always asked me to play it on the piano. Haven't heard this version by Eric Clapton. It goes perfectly with your pictures of the sky and leaves.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Geraldine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Brenda.

Great minds...I posted about the Autumn Leaves, last week over at MPP. A song that keeps coming to mind these days.

The kitties are looking so fine. Mr. Cheddar is typing up some new posts to share soon. Hope the guys there are too.

Happy Week and BFN, G :<)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, for visiting, Ann.
I'm glad you liked the song, it's a lovely one, how nice that you played it on piano.
How is the temperature there? Is it cooling down abit?
Have a good week, Ann.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thanks, Ger!
Well, yes, I enjoyed your post and this lovely song as sung by the wonderful Nat King Cole.
We are still experiencing posting difficulties with the boys' blog.
Soon, we hope.
Wishing you a super week!